Thursday, February 14, 2008

euphoria only lasts so long....

It's been a rough week on all fronts. I was so up beat, euphoric in fact, that the never ending quilts were finished, but it didn't last long. My husband called from Scappoose on Friday afternoon asking me to pray for him, the steering went out on our truck and he had to stand on the brakes. He was going to drive it over the hill to the repair shop because the tow bill would have been astronomical. Bad thing number one. The quote on the repair? $300 and our property taxes were due in 6 days with nothing left in the budget for repairs. Bad thing number two. There are issues in relationships in our family. Bad thing number three. They say things happen in threes...then how come the motor burned up on my 3 year old washer yesterday and since the property taxes have to be paid there is no $$$ for repairs. Bad thing number four. And I've been almost a week without Vicodin for my back....until today. I don't know if I classify this as a "bad thing" since the surgeon did tell me that they could only give me back 75% of my back and my dr. and pharmacist said the only choice I have for a life long back problem is Vicodin.
And then there is this:

This would be my darling grandmunchkin who has the nick name of "homewrecker". She excels in earning the name and today was worse than most. This is just a taste of what she "wrecked" while I was occupied with Jayce making cookies for Valentine's Day. .

But you know, all those bad things? Well, God still answers prayer and He still reigns and He can still be trusted. I prayed for the truck and specifically asked the Lord that it would somehow be under warrenty. The truck was still under warrenty and the bill was only? $100. The property taxes were paid with $40 to spare for two weeks. I prayed, and prayed, and prayed for the relationship knowing it was God's will that it would be healed. The relationship is getting counseling from a Christian source. A little dab'll do ya...I only needed a half dose of Vicodin to alleviate the pain. Yeah, the washer is still broke but it'll get fixed....later.

And how can bad things get you down when you get to entertain and snuggle up an 18 month old "homewrecker" and see the smiling faces of your grandmunchkins each day? And for Valentine's Day you get to make sugar cookies with a five year old? And you've been married to the sweetest Sweetheart in the world for almost 32 years? Yep, life is good. These pictures say it better than words:

I'm getting caught up on my scrapbooking when not cleaning up after homewreckers and 5 year olds. And I'm knitting again! Almost done with the tulip at 11....
And on the New Year's resolutions front...the only one that is still in effect is no new yarn in 2008. Sorry, succumbed to a new knitting book: Twelve Months of Knitting. The house cleaning that I thought would take all year was completed by the end of January. There was no stopping the whirlwind (that would be me). And I'm still reading through the New Testament, just at a different pace and I threw in an Easter devotional and the Purpose Driven Life on CD (gift from a friend). Not I gotta set the table for dinner tonight...candles and everything.... and I've got get our youngest to make the cookies for her Dad.


  1. Interestinghtr post

  2. oh, the sweet babies! hee. I have a lot of homewreckers about.