Tuesday, February 19, 2008

tulips in February

I finished the tulip cardigan today in time for Renae to wear it to her gram's and papa's for a birthday party (my son in laws parents). I saw the tulip cardigan on the Yarn Harlot's blog and had to have it. It's knit from Dream in Color yarn and it is a dream to knit with. I love the intense colors. For the most part the pattern was easy and easy to follow. I had read about applied I cord on the Mason Dixon blog and just days later I was ready to do it on the edges of the cardigan. I had never done it before but I do like the finish it puts on the edges and I'll be doing it again. But around an entire blanket as Kay did on her blog? The pattern said to go down two needle sizes to do the i cord but I found it bunched up too much and after reading a tutorial in Nancie Wiseman's book on applied i cord, I used the same size needle as the body of the sweater with a better result. The pattern also said after picking up a stitch on the neckline slide the i cord stitches and the picked up stitch back to the left needle to knit 2 and then ssk. I used dpns and after picking up the stitch just slid the 4 stitches to the other end of the dpn to knit 2 and ssk.

The baby just makes the sweater a little cuter since she's positively adorable. In looking at this I think I would add a few stitches to the front edge to make it less gappy if I knit it again. I definitely would like to knit something for me out of this yarn. There is a yarn hop tour in May that I am signing up for and one of the shops carries this yarn. I know, I know, I resolved to no new yarn in 2008 BUT IT'S a YARN SHOP TOUR! If I just buy a teensy bit for a specific project...like a scarf or pair of socks?
It felt good to finish this and find it was a success since right now life just isn't being nice. I know the Lord promised us tribulations and suffering and I think we're in a season of it right now. I'm glad I have hobbies that I can pray while doing and give me a little mental relief. I had to put the scrapbooking down for a bit and pick up the knitting.


  1. Precious sweater, even more precious baby. Got your blog from the slow bee KAL.

  2. This turned out awesome and she is so CUTE! :o) I have loved that sweater since I saw it on Harlot's site too. I wished they had that out when my twin girls were babies. I think it would make a cute adult sweater too!