Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh! The things you can do....

I can LOVE being a kid and doing kid things. Like chasing birds....

And swinging....

And making my feelings known, my True feelings.... And I can push now and walk....

And I can WALK all by myself!!!

And I love having birthdays! The first birthday of the season! All 7 grandmunchkins have birthdays within a 6 week period! And me?? The Granny? What can I do?? I can SEW!
Gifts for the soon to be one year olds. My husband is a firm believer in giving gifts that educate so since we are a family of readers it stands to reason books are a typical gift. I ordered the panels from Hancocks of Paducah after reading about them on another blog. Fun to sew and hopefully fun to read!

And a second skirt for a 7 years old since she grew when I wasn't looking and the first was too short!

And a shrug to go with it....(I can crochet too!)

A shrug for a 7 year old. The Vanessa pattern from "easy to crochet Cute Clothes for Kids" by Sue Whiting. The pattern only went to size 3-4 but by adding length it fit a small 6-7 year old.

Oh, and it's wedding season too. We've completed one quilt for a May wedding and gifted it. Here are the blocks for two more. The color combination of the greens and tans didn't go with the cross stitch my daughter is doing for the center so I re-did the blocks using tans, turquoise, and browns. The green and tan blocks are going to be an anniversary quilt for my son and daughter-in-law.

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