Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lil' firecrackers

Some of the firecrackers that made my Fourth of July really light up!
Gettin' into the whole red, white, and blue thing!

Our first Fourth of July! And one of us is more interested in Great Grandma's bush!

IF the Fourth means red, white, and blue Italian Ices...count me in!

This was fun Great Grandma! And thanks for the yummy bar-b-que food that Mommy shared with us! I don't think Mommy got much to eat though!

And now, I'm tired! Good food, good family, the beautiful day, always looking cute, it's all just so tiring.

I hope your Fourth was filled with good memories. Ours certainly was!
We had a belated Fourth celebration at church this morning. We sang (I signed for S) the traditional patriotic songs. Sometimes I miss singing them. Pastor read an article from a mother who's son died in Iraq and her husband was retired from the USMC. They met with President Bush, along with other families, because he wished to honor the families who had lost loved ones in service to our country. I gained a new respect for the man that leads our country as the mother related the meeting they had with him. He told them that he was there for as long as they needed him. He would pray with them, talk with them, write down anything, just don't ask him to sing! One of the fathers did, in fact, ask to pray for him. The President commented that he is blessed to have people pray for him and he once thought to ask the leader of China if his people prayed for him but he didn't think it would go over well. The President cried with these families and told them he would never have put them in harms way if he didn't think what he was doing was right. The mother writing the article did read some of her son's journal and he felt what they were doing was right. He loved the Iraqui children and wished he'd had food and water to give them and thought there was great potential in the Iraqui people.
The point our Pastor was trying to make was that this woman prepared to meet the President. Do we prepare to meet God as much each Sunday morning? I got that part of his message but I also gained more respect for our President. He is between a rock and a hard place but continues to hold his head up.

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  1. I love love love those photos!! What adorable babies and they are all yours!! How fun! =)