Friday, July 11, 2008

Now we are ONE!

One would have thought that there wouldn't be any tears left in this body after so many over the years but God designed us well, the tears never dry up, be they tears of joy or sadness. I think these tears are more relief and release than anything else. They were here!! After years of waiting and 8 months of stressful pregnancy and constant vigilance in prayer for Mommy, Daddy and little ones, THEY made their arrival on the one day that we didn't want them born! It was already their cousin's birthday. But God has His own timetable.

Baby B made his appearance at 9:35am. My first vision of him and I was struck by how much he looked like his daddy.

Baby C, the little girl. The one we asked God for. We knew there were two boys and we asked God if the third could be a little girl. He answered Yes! This little one gave me a scare. They rubbed her and kept saying come on little one. She was a little grey, which I now know was birth stuff, but didn't know at the time. I was too afraid to grasp these miracles before my eyes But when I heard that cry....and the color is perfect! Baby C was born at 9:37. Three full minutes after her brothers because she was "hiding". Our daughter kept waiting for "it's a girl" and heard "there's a foot, grab it" instead!

Little Baby A, the first at 9:34. We didn't see this little face again for a couple of days. Oxygen and feeding tubes covered up this sweet little face. But when I saw him again, I was struck by how "pretty" he was. Not a good thing to say about a boy, but, sorry, he just plain was pretty in a boyish way.

And here we are one year later. We're crawling and walking and talking and eating people food and totally melting hearts everywhere we go. Mommy and Daddy did just what the Dr ordered for the first 6 months, this granny did ongoing prayer and we are very healthy and happy.

Baby A, still pretty, but definitely a boy! Walking and affectionately known as "the terrorist".

Baby C. Almost from birth you could tell this was "the girl". She looked (still does) and plays the part well. She's also something of a "drama queen"!

And Baby B. Still looks like his daddy. Such a happy little guy, until he's supposed to be sleeping! He ended up in an oxygen tent after his birth but you'd never know it now!
There's going to be a party on Sunday. Stay tuned to this station for a special broadcast with photos!

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