Sunday, July 13, 2008

We're in a jam!

Jam Festival that is. It was the annual Jam Festival put on by our church for the community. 90+ degrees outside but pretty comfortable under the trees and tent. There was live music by three different bands, a magic show by Puckett Family Magic, a blow up obstacle course for the kiddies and some brave or crazy adults, hamburgers, hot dogs, all the picnic salads you can imagine, and fresh berries and ice cream for dessert. Another huge success! As big a turnout as last year, despite the heat. Here's the crowd glued to the Puckett Family Magic Show. They are really good and involve their whole family, Mom, Dad, and all 4 kiddos. The present the Gospel message clearly through their illusions. They've come out to our Awana program and this is their second appearance at the jam festival.

I "had" to go through the obstacle course in order to convince S that it really was fun. Once I went through it with her, she went on her own. The water down was pretty welcome in the heat. May have been part of the reason I went through the obstacle course. Or perhaps, at 50+, I'm not ready to give up on being a kid. Grandmunchkins are a good way to keep bringing out the kid in me or giving me an excuse to act like one.

My daughter in law let the kid lose in herself as well under the pretense of taking her kiddos through the course. Me thinks she was having as much fun as the kiddos!

That's J and Mom headin' down the slide. J said it was the best part of the course.
I didn't get pictures of the bands but their were three with a diverse music genre. There was a fiddler group, a Christian garage band, and a blues band. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and evening. Can't wait for next year. I should have 3 more grandmunchkins there to 'help' through the obstacle course.

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