Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And the Beet goes on....

On B's face, hands, onsie, legs, oh yes, and some in his mouth and tummy too! And on R. That's not hair gel she's wearin' lemme tell ya. That's a new product she has no hope of getting a patent on. It's beets and a little watermelon juice thrown in for smell.

Don't let this innocent look fool you on the face of, affectionately known as, the terrorist. Underneath that seemingly cleaner bib than that of his brother and sister is the juice of beet on a white, yes, that's right, white onsie!
And the beat goes on of another kind. Not the kind of beat Sonny and Cher rocked about in the 70's (I'm dating myself here) but the beat of handcrafting carried through the generations. I am at least the fourth generation to do handwork of some sort. I have two quilts my great grandmother pieced by hand. My grandmother was a relentless crocheter and my mom knit a bit and sewed doll clothes and clothes for her girls. I have a quilt I made from the leftovers of those dresses she made. My daughters are therefore, fifth generation handworkers. Check out the dress my daughter crocheted for my granddaughter. You'd have to check her blog (chrissmarie5 in the side bar) for the particulars of the dress. But it did take a blue ribbon at the fair and rightfully so.

And if I do say so myself, the dress is more beautiful on R.
Then there is the generational hand me down of putting up produce in the summer. God blessed us with a large yard and we put in a small fruit orchard in a side yard. We have apples! And my family loves applesauce. As I was picking up apples from under the gravenstein tree and making my first batch of applesauce I was reminded of my grandmother going out to pick up apples from under her HUGE gravenstein tree in downtown Portland and making batch after batch of applesauce. My mom canned, and canned, and canned, as did I until a few years ago, I think the summer before I had back surgery was about it. This is my first batch of applesauce and my daughter, after I cooked the apples, did all the processing the apples through the seive. I have another pot of apples going. My little granddaughter, the two year old, and hopefully the three one year olds will be happy eaters this fall and winter!

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