Saturday, August 9, 2008

WOO HOO!!! I'm TWO!!!

Woo Hoo!!! She's TWO! And hers is the last birthday in the long line of summer birthdays and she's patiently waited her turn. It's my birthday!

The makings of a her Daddy, like her Granny, like her aunt, like her uncle. She comes from a line of bookworms. Hmmm, the fact that she's "reading" to her new doll suggests the position is familiar? I made the doll sometime ago. Actually I made two of them. We were waiting for the call to head to Albania to get our youngest and I thought she might like a doll her new Mom had made her and while I was at it I made two and put this one away for a special little girl. That little girl just turned two! Daddy is presenting the cake because Mommy is snapping pictures! Uncle J looks on. Uncle J is one great uncle. Uncle J went to Plaid Pantry and got all her gifts: dice, apple juice, crackers, and her favorite--a truck trader magazine! She oohed and aahed her way through it and came up with black hands.

Happy Birthday to me...yes, she sang to herself!
Uncle J knows me too well....juice, crackers and a truck trader magazine!

Yum, that was good cake!

I made her a rag doll as I mentioned above. And I gave her the quiet book I've kept in the cedar chest for a number of years that was her Daddy's. I attempted to make her a Noah's Ark quiet book from a pattern I bought from Clotilde's. The pattern was poorly written, having you work through one page at a time and cut out only the materials for that page, only to find you need six more of the thing you cut out for later pages. I don't work that way. I want to do all the cutting at once, then the sewing. The designs were simple, too simple, and the finishing techniques they used were too simplistic or nonexistent making the book look very home made (not hand made). I didn't like the few pages I did finish at all and ended up tossing it and the pattern after wasting hours. I think I'll give it another go with another pattern for Christmas since she really enjoyed her Daddy's book. And I have 3 more grandmunchkins to make quiet books for in the near future.

The dress I made for her birthday is the second I've made from this pattern and both have turned out really cute. I think I got the pattern at WalMart.
I got the fabric on sale at a Craft Warehouse that was closing. Oh, and Pam, the blue fabric is from the Mary Englebreit line. Thought you'd appreciate that. The intensity of the blue doesn't show up well here. I modified the pattern a bit by making the back closure buttons rather than a zipper.
Now we come to the very bad and very ugly. It is my first, and last, BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket) from the Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It is quite popular with many. I am sticking with the few who don't rave about this pattern. Or at least the results. I will give credit to sticking with this until it's completion in that I learned from it. But I'm not wasting buttons on it. I'm not even sure what to do with it. Goodwill comes to mind but someone might know what it is if I don't sew it up. I used sz 9 needles and two skeins of Bernat Camo yarn. I think it would fit a three year old....if I finished it..which I'm not.
I've got to start my Ravelympics projects.....and hope there is success in my future since I've been facing some disappointing failures of late!


  1. She looks so cute and happy! I like the rag doll! Sorry about the quiet book. I've been thinking about making one myself. Burda has a nice one #7839.

  2. What a cutie! 2 is such a great age! I love the picture of her reading. Great habit!

    I'll take your BSJ, if you don't want it :o) I think it looks very nice... would probably be very cute on my 2yo boy. The Little Golden Rose Sundress is my current addiction. Found you on ravelry. I'm LittleWoman.