Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The little red hen should have had such "friends"

So the Little Red Hen decided it was time to make bread. It's fall here and time to made applesauce. I had "friends" just like the Little Red Hen. First we gather the apples (gather the grain). Who will help me? Unlike the Hen, I heard giggles and the pitter patter of little feet.(translation: I will. I will)

So we gather the apples (grain).

(I don't think this is the "brother picture" my daughter had in mind)

The bucket is full and that was a lot of work? Time for a break (union shop).

Now who will help me chop the apples (thresh the grain)?

I will! I will!
We will too!

They're just making sure it's good enough for applesauce. You know, kind of like taste testers for the king (that would be Grandpa).

Time to cook, the apples (bake the bread) And then it will be time to knead the apples (not quite in the same order as bread, first you knead, then you bake)

NOW! Who will help me eat the applesauce? Again, they will. However, we're not quite sure that applesauce beats apples right off the tree the way God made them.

(disclaimer: no children were harmed while obtaining pictures for this blog post and the aforementioned children do not usually spend the day outfitted in diapers and shirts. However, to keep the inside of the house from looking like a bunch of garden grubs reside there, it was mandatory to wash the clothes of the Little Red Hen's friends while they took the customary afternoon siesta)


  1. What a lovely story! Your grandchildren had such a wonderful time.

  2. How adorable! I was smiling all the way through this post.

  3. How many of those apples were "TESTED" in the field? LOL!
    I love it! Lookes like you made a wonderful memory. S looks like she was enjoying herself also ;)

  4. Oh I loved seeing the kids, what a great post!