Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Grandparents: another name for paparazzi

We opened up Grandparents Camp for one night only after Christmas and then Granny Day camp three days later for those not old enough for the full camping experience. Here are a few of our "campers". Those smiles were at the beginning of camp...little did they know what we counselors had in mind for the rest of their internment, er stay. Another eager? camper. The grin is forced and her camp picture really hurt my paparazzi business. Can't have that. I had to find something to get a good mug shot, er camp name tag.There was the torture chamber: the Monopoly game. The younger didn't "get it" and big brother made that his opportunity. We were there to protect the innocent, and ourselves! If you look closely you can see I used the time between turns to knit. It was the only time I had for knitting, or relaxing for that matter! And the pointy needles kept the Big Bother, um Brother, in line!We forced them to make their own snacks. The littlest never did develop the fine art of cutting out snowmen. It could be that she is going to be a weatherlady and was forcasting the melting of the snow. Her snowmen had that melted look about them. I should have taken a picture. I got lazy and paparazzi don't make money or build a reputation that way.We gave them tests...hmmmm, how do I get this cookie out in one piece?So Grandparent camp ended for the one set of grandchildren and Granny Day camp began for the youngest three. Actually I was the assistant at this camp, brought along to do what this Granny does: take Lots of pictures, and do the appropriate spoiling after with treats.
Here we are about to enter the torture chamber, the den of horrors. Commonly known as Great Clips. Two of the campers didn't meet regulation and needed their locks trimmed to code. The poor little guy knew as soon as the door opened what awaited him and started crying before the torture even began.Despite Mommy's attempt to calm, this little guy made sure we knew he was most displeased!
It is very evident in Mr. B's face that the displeased look and crying is solely to state his opinion of this whole business. I mean, really, could there be a more fake look behind the cry? Perhaps he's destined for the stage? After all, he was crying and as soon as Mommy let him hold her cell phone he was quiet. Then the camera comes out and this comes out on the face. Really B? I think you can do better!

He gave it up. Decided the torture wasn't so bad.

Little sister wants to know what all the fuss is about and when she can have a turn at being fussed over. Not going to happen little one. Those lovely locks were too hard to come by!

Now that's the look we're going for in the den of horrors...real terror, fear, real tears! Isn't that just about the cutest thing? Bet this one will sell well to some newstand magazine. I can just see the headlines: Granny tortures grandchildren with scissors and water.

Ahhh, the camper can relax now, he's got Auntie S and we're out of the strait jacket!

These pictures will be sold to the highest bidder. After all, I risked my reputation as a Granny for these! I'm supposed to be baking cookies and reading stories, not torturing them! I did finish Granny's Day camp with a new book and M&M's. Whew, my reputation was regained!

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  1. Granny camp, that is great, I love the fake tears & its so hard not to laugh when they do that