Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolutions? Not really

I don't set resolutions. For me, it's like setting myself up for failure. So I set some goals I try to attain for the year. This year?
#1 Get back on the bandwagon that first enabled me to lose all the weight I lost. Which means writing everything out again, and measuring, everything, and eating more fruits and veggies. I haven't completely fallen off the life style change but there are a few things I let slide that I need back since the weight went up a few pounds.
#2 Read more. My goal? 52 books this year. I joined a Ravelry group called 52 books in 52 weeks. The books are my choice. I just counted up the books on my "to be read" shelf. There were 24. That doesn't count the devotional books in the queue. Check the sidebar for my progress!
#3 Buy less. Starting with knitting books. Another group in Ravelry I joined is to encourage to knit from the books you already have and start with those rather than buy any more books. Pick a knitting project from books you already own. That's my plan. Seconded by not buying reading books. I'd like to utilize the library more for reading. AFTER I finish the 24 books on my shelf! And in the basket, and on the other shelf!
#4 Knit down the stash. I mean, come on! I have enough yarn to clothe a small village, or at least 7 grandchildren and 6 children! Avoid yarn shops and web sites at all costs! Blogs can do damage as well when they show such great yarn that knits into such great things! I'll make an exception for the shop hop in April with the Guild however!
#5 Finally catch up the scrapbooking and stay sort of caught up. I'm closer than last year, only 3 months behind, and I caught up one album just yesterday. Sounds doable right? Yeah, but there are 7 albums! I do scrapbooks for each grandchild and one for the family. That's a lot of work. But the two year old granddaughter convinced me to keep going. She poured through her albums last week and then her sister's album. The 6 and 7 year old check out their albums every time they come. Good motivation.
#6 Be polygamous, not monogamous. I tend to focus on one hobby until I burn myself out. Then I move onto the next and make a circle of sewing, scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting. All the while I'm wanting to do a bit of everything when I'm in the mood. I made a good start today. I "felt" like reading. So I read! And then did a bit of knitting. Yesterday? I "felt" like scrapbooking and throughly enjoyed it!
#6 Keep doing the things I do right. That would be spending time in God's Word daily, exercise, keep sugar and white flour out of my diet.

Looking forward to this year!


  1. Good intentions, hope you can succeed. Do you ever look online for free knit patterns? I get many of mine from there these days. Books are too expensive.

  2. Oh so good to get caught up on your blog again. I just love seeing your pictures of the grandkids.

    Can you email me sometime at I try to reply to your comment and there is no email - yikes!