Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm really really sorry

But I seriously have nothing to blog about. I am most displeased!

I feel really really bad....

This is a knitting/crafty blog and I've been too busy brainwashing, errr, encouraging my grandmunchkins. Encouraging their future fiber arts obsession, errr, hobby. R has found just the right hook for the next project. Notice the satisfied smile. Something like my smile when my gauge is spot on.And then there is the Disney obsession, errr, obession is the only word for it. That would be a Pooh bear W is sleeping with. MY Pooh bear. He wanted a stuffed animal to sleep with. Naturally it had to be Disney.
My grandson, B, has already shown an inclination for his future field of employment. That would be the job of building imploder. He's already showing a natural affinity to tear things down as soon as they are built up.
R is also leaning towards being a knitter/crocheter and building up those biceps and triceps in preparation. No carpal tunnel for this knitter!

I did manage to finish another book for 52 in 52 so I'm right on track. And I finished half of a pair of leg warmers for Miss R who likes to dress in dresses (or rather Mommy likes her in dresses). I hope to post the finished pair and details on Monday. After we spend the weekend looking for snow. Yes, I said looking for snow. As if we've not had enough. But we're going where there is SUPPOSED to be snow!


  1. Love, love, love the legwarmers - must hurry and finish! And W is soooo adorable with Pooh! I've got cute kids!

  2. OK that was one of the cutest posts I've read! Love the kiddos and love your creativity. :)

  3. Wow! Great teeth LOL They will love those photos as teens!

  4. Love the legwarmer half that is finished!! I am working on a pair of socks right now. Also started a pair of basic mittens.
    All of the pictures are very cute. My Olivia will only wear dresses. She tells her mom that jeans are not beautiful.