Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekends shouldn't be this much fun!

Yippeeee!!! Grandpa's home!!!! We are so excited! We missed him. And he missed us too. We can tell because he didn't even go fishing on the weekend after he was home. He "helped" Granny take care of us! Grandpa gave bubble blowing lessons. He started at 101 because we usually suck on the blowing sticks rather than blow through them.

Auntie S is already a pro at blowing bubbles. She probably will always love blowing bubbles just like our Mommy, our Granny, and even Grandpa. Just something about bubbles!

Our cousin, affectionately known as the Hobbit, also kind of knows how to blow bubbles so she practiced blowing and Then catching the bubbles. She was in the advanced bubble class but she didn't quite pass yet. She still needs more practice at the catching part.

And then there are wee three. Mr. W became a pro at making bubbles but Grandpa still had to hold the stick.

His blow needed some perfecting but hey! Mr. W made really good bubbles!

It was such a beautiful day that we spent all morning out there. And it had snowed the day before! The Hobbit rode the scooter her Daddy had rode when he was a little boy.
We practiced team work too.

That was very thirsty work! Grandpa taught us to drink from a water bottle. He didn't want to drink for the bottle after we did though. Wonder why?

We learned to "eat" salad...fresh salad...right out of the bowl. We didn't like it much. We are not rabbits.
And then we had sloppy joes. That was a bad idea! We don't usually hang around in diapers but our pants looked like sloppy joes. We're still learning to use forks and spoons. And Grandpa was exhausted from all the classes he'd already taught so he didn't cover Forks n Spoons 101. Granny was glad to have Grandpa home too!

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  1. Oh I missed so much while I was out sick! I just love your grandmunchkin stories. You both seem to enjoy them so very much.

    I noticed it looks like you have a back alley where you live - we do now too. It does make it a little safer for munchkins on scooters as there isn't near the traffic.

    We're getting ready to go over to B's house now - been way too long!