Monday, March 9, 2009

What to my wondering eyes should appear?

These little cuties with their adorable eyes don't need glasses but they might want them when they got up this morning just so they could do a double take. Because, this morning, drum roll please, we had more.....
SNOW!!!! It's March! The daffodils and tulips are up, the crocus are blooming, and we have snow! What a winter it has been here in the Northwet. We may have to start calling it the Northwhite! I'm not tired of it yet but male members in my family that love to golf are getting a little irritable.

Easter doesn't wait for the weather and it's closing in fast! I felt the momentum to sew and my daughter (in law), who is losing her job in two weeks, mentioned that the girls needed Easter dresses. WHOA...hold the horses! That's like being given a free hall pass! I wasted no time and no money. Actually these dress were about free. Yes, I had to use my fabric but the apron fabric has been in my stash for years and the blue fabric was bought about 9 months ago for Christmas presents that never happened. So, I call that stash busting rather than shopping. They match because: 1-they like it, 2-their Mom likes it, and 3-soon they won't like it!

The apron shows a need for ironing but I found out the hard way the glitter burns off with ironing. A press cloth seems to work but I'm hanging them until Easter and hope the ironing isn't neccessary.

This is the Hobbit's dress. She is two but a small two. So I used a size 1 and with her measurements it should be about perfect. I'm not listing the patterns I used because both were bought quite some time ago and no longer available.

This is the 7 year old's dress. Again, a small 7 year old.

This is a closer look at the apron fabric. I made the aprons detachable so they can be removed after Easter. Under the aprons I have added trim so that once the apron is off the dress is still decorated with trim and can be worn for the spring and summer.
It was great fun to sew again. I have to stay in practice! There's a wedding coming up that I have lots of sewing that needs to be done. Now, I'm off to do some knitting! A grandson needs a sweater and considering the weather we've been having of late, these dresses need sweaters or shrugs!


  1. Snow again! Those dresses turned out so cute, (steamy bathroom will help thosee creases come out) we've been digging in the stash & running wild in Hobby Lobby for "girlie" prints, I do believe we overdid it!

  2. Those look like DK patterns to me!

  3. You remind me that I still need to make two dresses and a couple of slips before Easter. Guess I better turn this thing off and go get busy.
    How much snow did you get? Up here in the Puget Sound we had between two and three inches. It is melting very fast though. I am so ready for Summer!!

  4. DARLING dresses and I'm so impressed that you made them so quickly. Yes, "shopping" the stash doesn't count at all!

  5. Absolutely adorable! If we lived close by I would have you give me sewing lessons.