Friday, April 24, 2009

There are flowers, and then THERE ARE FLOWERS!

80+ degrees, blue skies, the tulips are in bloom. What better way to spend the day than to head to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival? I've been only once before but I will be repeating the experience. This comes very close to invoking the same awe of our Creator as when I see and smell the ocean. The color is so intense. I could just stand still and try to take it in. But we had 4 little people with us and standing still was not going to happen!

They all rode the cow train around the fields. I saw the ruts the train was going to go bumpity bump over and knew my back would never forgive me so, after taking the pictures, I sought a shady bench while the group bumpity bumped to their heart's content.

It said not to pick the tulips and the stems were too strong for this little guy to actually pick them. Good thing but I did snap his picture trying before gently removing the stem from his cute baby hands. Somebody commented that the sign didn't say anything about picking RED tulips, just tulips.

A good brother shot. These guys did Not want to sit still for even one picture so we basically let them roam and we snapped!

Ok, I'll sniff it if I have to. But I am a guy after all and I like trucks and dirt more than flowers!

It must be at two when they start actually sitting still for pictures when you tell them to since my little granddaughter was happy to oblige...some of the time. So cute in her little pigtails. This girl has a head of hair that is unbelieveable. She's so tiny that we all kid that all her growth went into her hair!

Another precious granddaughter.

I included this picture because the grandkids are being taught sign language by their parents and grandparents and they are learning! Auntie S gets so excited when the little ones sign. If you look at this little one's hand position she is signing "purple"! How absolutely wonderful is that!
We tried for a group shot. We tried. And we tried. This is the best we got out of 4 cameras!

My sweet daughter in law and granddaughter. As pretty as the flowers. Love this picture of them! I was inspired to come home and plant the pots for the deck in purple shades since there is a chance they'll be used for a special wedding. My pots didn't turn out as well planted as the tulip fields. But I'll bet the tulip fields didn't have these kind of workers helping out!


  1. How beautiful! I remember going once as a child, it was every little girls dream! Those are wonderful photos of the kids

  2. A sure sign of spring in our lovely PNW. Up here, they do not allow you to enter the fields. You have to admire from the road.
    Great pictures.
    Actually my daughter and family tried to go see them today, but turned away because the traffic was to heavy. All of the Seattle people coming north for the sunny afternoon.