Saturday, June 13, 2009


Three generations at WWKIP in our area! The littlest looks a little grumpy but it was time for her to head home for lunch. She was one happy little girl until this was taken! There were goody bags! Filled with really good stuff..yarn, patterns, stitch markers!

There were lessons for the newbies. Ok, so she didn't quite get it but you gotta start somewhere and there Was a smile on her face while she had yarn and hook!
And she already thinks bags with yarny goodies are fun to open!

There was also a destash table. Miss R picked out this yarn and hugged it and carried it back to our spot. Mommy doesn't have time to make something from it but Nonny will find the time. Amazing that she picked out a color that she looks so good in.

A very fun morning and I think we've "hooked" another to the dark side! Just wait till next year!


  1. Wait until my classes are over, and then see what I can find time to make! I can't wait!

  2. I love it!! At least shes starting out with good tast in colors! I cant believe I missed going yesterday. We have our town festival & WWKIP as part of the celebration....I totally spaced it! We had such a blast last year.Kickin myself...ouch!

  3. Thanks for the note on my blog! It made my day!

    Good for you--get the future knitters early before they get lured by scrapbooking or beading....:)

  4. You have been one busy lady! I absolutely love the bags you made for WWKIP day and need to look for that issue. I have a little problem being addicted to bags. :)

    And she is DARLING with that yarn! Doesn't matter if she 'got it' or not, she's started loving the feel of the yarn and that is step one.