Thursday, June 11, 2009

guess where we went!

Does this give you a clue? I can tell you it's clear across the state from where we live! It's farm country/ranch country now but the city started when GOLD was discovered here! This give you a better hint?

How about this?

Ok, I'll tell you! We traveled across the beatiful state of Oregon to Baker City to see this interpretive center. My husband's coworkers gave it rave reviews and he needed to get out for a few days so we headed here. It was worth the trip! I want to go back in a few years with grandmunchkins in tow! When our kids were younger and I was homeschooling them we studied Oregon history and part of that study was the Whitman's, missionaries to the Indians. As our summer trip that year we toured the Whitman Mission. I can see doing the same with grandmunchkins when they cover Oregon history.

Just one of the many critters we added to our sight list. We saw antelope, deer, elk, osprey, vultures, just to name a few!

It's spring and the wildflowers were in bloom everywhere!

A view of the Baker valley.

We hiked 1.4 miles DOWN to see the original wagon ruts from the Oregon trail. I've been fascinated by the Oregon Trail since a young girl and it was really special to me to see these. Yeah, they're just dirt ruts but there is history in those there ruts!

We stayed and played in Baker City. A big city during the gold rush. The town was worth the visit for it's old days feel. And it boasts two quilt shops, a yarn shop, and two scrapbook stores! This is the Grand Geiser Hotel. Still standing.

We drove home via a path we've not traveled before. It took us through the John Day Fossil Beds. We are going to have to go back and visit the Interpretive Center. We just got to make a quick stop and take a few pictures.

Ok, the wedding is only 8 days away. Time to get cracking! I have a dress and two half dresses to finish! And WWKIP day is Saturday and a farewell BBQ for a nephew that joined the Air Force! Whew!

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  1. O.K., I'm feeling some serious envy here! That is one thing I miss about the west coast, Calif heavily documents the states history. When we moved here to so IND/KY from VA, I thought OH! lewis & Clark! When I asked about settlements or historical areas, I was shown a large ROCK! I was so disapointed. The 2 states have really started getting it together these past few yrs...Glad you had the down time, I know you were due for some down time.