Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hats in the mail

We're celebrating today...FOUR birthdays. Actually we're really celebrating my Mom's 75th so this is a quickie post. I sent two hats off in the mail today and wanted to do a quick post. My niece's daughter, is she my great niece then?, wanted a Laura Ingall's hat. And it must be pink. So here is my rendition with those requirements.

This is for the Ribbon Hat swap on ravelry in the Itty Bitty knits group. My swap partner likes pink and teal. So she got this hat and a teal itty bitty knitting bag.
Off to celebrate! If you want to see 3 of the birthday people check out my daughter's blog:


  1. The hats are way to cute.
    I thought about you when we passed through Oregon last week. Waved and said Hi. Hope you heard me.

  2. We got the hat & J looks SOOOO sweet in it. She's been wearing it all over and it fits perfectly! Thank you so very much. I just expected it whenever you might have some spare time in the next 6 months or so not the same week I asked! J will be sending her thank you note soon!