Friday, September 11, 2009

The gauntlet was cast down....

Per my post the day before the Labor Day weekend to put nothing new on the needles, I was "challenged", as it were, to start nothing new. As in I couldn't do it. Or more aptly, wouldn't do it. Well I did. I still am. I'm still slogging, er loving knitting, on the Duck Soup for Mr. W. I have one more sleeve to finish and it's done and then there is one more to finish that has the hood complete. And then there are those two pairs of socks missing the pair. Ok, so I didn't cast on anything new but I sure dreamed and planned it! I have patterns and yarn matched and calling to me everyday. I love knitting. I love complete knitted items, especially for grandmunckins. The problem is me. Or rather where I am right now. I can't focus and if I knit, I think, unless there is something on tv, which makes me want to find a window, stare, and cry. So, I sew or scrapbook or thinking time available.

And then, there are those grandmunchkins and the tomatoes are ripe for the picking. And they consider it their daily chore to pick "matos" for lunch. Notice the buckets in hand? Nary a "mato" makes it in the buckets folks. Mr. W is pointing out the attibutes of this fine "mato" that should be popped in the mouth rather than the bucket. I do enough taste testing myself that it's rather hypocritical to demand of them what I cannot do myself. Problem with "matos" is the next one is probably better than the last and one must taste to find out.Mr. B is looking for that perfect orange "mato" while Miss S advises. She is three after all and had more experience in "mato" picking. Another whole years worth of experience.Miss S had no such problems completing her projects and thereby earning the right to start new ones. Her sister is working for a Hospice now and they are always in need of shawls for their patients. Miss S is more than willing to work at shawls, put leftover colors together and churn out 3 shawls in a week! She finished a red, white, and blue one that I did not get a picture of.

Sigh, I cannot compete with my daughter! However! I am caring for at least 3 grandmunchkins a day and a typical day is not without it's biting (yes! Biting), squabbles, "read book", diaper changing, floor mopping, clean up mess after mess, not to mention the atypical events:
In ONE day I washed more than a month of Sundays in years past. Two of the four already had their shoes on to go outside. While I was wrangling the last two, the first two were putting soap in my top loading washing machine. Not being tall enough, they missed the washing machine and soap fell all over the face and eyes of one of the "helpers". A good washing ensued. Later, while mopping the floor after lunch, one of the little darlings decided to play in the toilet. A good hand washing ensued much to the delight of the little darling. Not exactly the reaction I was going for. Ahhh, nap time followed. But one of the little darlings again decided to try and regain his status and "help" yet again. He thought he'd change his own diaper, a very, um, yucky diaper. He proceeded to scream when his hand got dirty. More washing. Oh my, what a day! And that's why I get no knitting done..and that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Now off to pick up that gauntlet again...and maybe throw it back.


  1. What happend to the babies of yesterday! All I see are big kids here.
    Miss S has done an outstanding job! I still owe her a package....looks like it needs to be larger now. I've not forgotten, its just been crazy here. How much yardage will she use in 1 shawl? When knitting sweaters, have you ever tried knitting both sleeves at the same time? I love to do that as my stitches & tension are much more even...or it seems to be!
    Holding you in prayer & that you again find joy in the day

  2. I'm not sure how much Miss S uses in a shawl since she is using our leftovers from other projects or yarn that was given to us. The Hospice likes the square folded into the triangle since it can unfold and double as a small blanket.
    I do knit sleeves at the same time as well except in the Duck Soup, and others, I adapted them to the round using Magic loop and I'm not sure how to do both sides at once. Maybe like knitting two socks on two circulars would work?

  3. Wow, that Shega is one talented gal! I totally feel for you with the messy day. Been there....pray daily it doesn't happen again. Although today was just such a day. Addison has been potty trained for about a month now, but for some reason had a poo accident that she tried to deal with herself and consequently got just about every surface of the bathroom dirty in the process.

  4. Oh I remember those days. But I was younger and could hold up too. My dear friend , you are making so many good memory's ,not only for you but those little ones.
    God bless you today. Elsie <><

  5. What beautiful shawls she makes! I am so impressed by how fast she is too, says the knitter that can't get a thing finished lately!!!

    Love the 'mato' stories. :)