Sunday, September 20, 2009

crossing ONE WIP off the list, just one

Three down, three to go. Duck Soups that is. This is my third installment of the Duck Soup pattern. Another one for Mr. W since the first one I did for him stretched out and became a full length evening gown. I learned a hard lesson. Don't use acrylic, soft acrylic. At least not for this sweater. The second one, for Mr. B was knit out of Knit Picks Swish bulky and has held up well. Except when it was washed with bibs, that had velcro. Mommy needs to learn to wash hand knits by themselves or, at least, without velcro! See those leaves? This one is done just in time. For 90 degree weather forecasted for this week! Ahh well, fall is coming. The particulars are on my ravelry project page. Still love this pattern. Good thing since there are 3 more in the works. A neice's little guy and two granddaughters!
Miss S is cranking out shawls for the hospice faster than I can knit Duck Soups. Of course, she doesn't have to worry about the three 2 year olds that come to Nonny's and Deega's house Monday through Thursday. She can just spoil them and crochet! This is shawl #6. We give Miss S yarn and let her pick out color combinations. I am still amazed at what she puts together and love to see it.

DRUM ROLL please!!! It is only fitting that our church celebrated our daughter's big accomplishment only two days after she dotted the last i and crossed the last t. She has her Master's Degree!!!! We are so very proud of her accomplishment and her hard work. It has been a sacrifice of time and money on her, and her husband's, part as she worked, finished her degree, started their family with not one, but 3, went through a huge tragedy, and still finished. To say we are proud doesn't even begin to cover it.

Evidently little S is also proud of her aunt Yoyo (or she wanted in the picture?)
I think our daughter would say these are her biggest accomplishment and her favorite:

Gram got the graduate duck for our daughter? Uh, I don't think so. I think it was to entertain great grandchildren. And it did all during lunch and the ride home. It plays music, the hat pops up and down and the duck waddles forward. Really cute. But really annoying after a bit I'm sure!
Don't these three look adorably innocent? Minding their manners, eating? Looks are deceiving. I learned, to my dismay, not to leave these three unattended in their high chairs with food. I left the room for a few minutes and as I was returning I heard giggles and, "I got you!" and more giggles. I entered the kitchen to find a little fist raised to hurl the next food in the food fight. I sternly said, "What on earth do you think you're doing?" and was met with dead silence. Silence that lasted and bodies that were quiet for the full 15 minutes it took me to clean up tomatos, cantaloupe, and pb&j off the walls and floor. Yes, I was laughing, but they didn't know that! For all practical purposes they thought they were in BIG trouble. And I want them to continue to think that!


  1. More tears. I LOVE the red with the brown for the sweater. It will be worn lots - as you are aware with Mr. B's. This has been a rough year, but I meant what I said to Jas on FB. I may have a Masters, but the most important accomplishments are being Andy's wife, the trio's Mom, your and Dad's daughter and his and Shega's sister. The family will get through this - TOGETHER!!! I love you!

  2. Oh, and I love little Miss S, too!

  3. Love the sweater! I have the yarn for Evie & will switch now with your recommendations. Great colors that will blend with any thing.
    Miss S ROCKS! Those shawls are beautiful! I should have a package or 2 out to her this week.

    WELL DONE Christina! College kids think school is so tough, they should be greatful! Erika is on the same path, moving, home family & working. 5 times as difficult...10 times the reward. Reason to celebrate 5-6 times!
    Well Done! Very proud of you!