Monday, September 14, 2009

So, who's birthday was it anyway?

Hi there!

My Mommy's birthday was last week and Daddy decided to do something different other than the cake and ice cream type of party. Mommy has been a little sad lately and Daddy thought the best thing would be a party that made her laugh. And what better to make her laugh and smile than her children and her nieces and nephews? We excel at making people smile. Daddy heard about this place called "Out of this World" from the guys at work. They said it was a great place for kids to play. And they served PIZZA! Score two points and lots of smiles from the kids!

They had an area for us little ones. And an area for my bigger cousins.

There was a place to practice our driving skills. We resembled the LA freeway but without the road rage.

The adults were pretty good. They watched and smiled and took pictures of us having fun. THEN they discovered that they could "help" us on the bigger toys. It was all over for us. THEY started having fun. Too much fun.
Auntie S quit helping us, quit eating pizza...she went down the slide all by herself!

Mommy thought we should try the big two story tube slide. Sure she did. She just wanted to try it herself. But, you know, Mommy was right! It WAS fun! Forget the under 4 toys, we were destined for greatness! Great big toys!

Auntie "ean" found out it was fun too. Believe me, my cousin didn't need any help but her Mom thought she needed to check it out.

Mommy thought it would be good for my sister to expand her horizons too. But my sister left my Mom in the dust after this. She didn't want help and she definitely didn't want the little kid area again!

Even "Unca Ason" got into the play mode. But he didn't play with the toys. He preferred to toss us around. Guess he thought we were more fun than the toys.
EVEN GRAYPA got into playing on the slides! Notice he's not waiting for my cousin.

But all in all Daddy did great at planning Mommy's birthday party. We did all smile. Yes, there was some underlying sadness since there was a piece missing. A huge piece. But we did see the adults smile and even laugh so Mommy had a pretty good birthday.
Stay tuned...Auntie "ean" has a birthday next and Nonny has come up with something fun for us kids to do. We'll see. After all, look how Mommy's party turned out.


  1. Looks like the "Big Kids" had just as much if not MORE fun as the littles! Great to see the smiles & laughter. There should be no shame or guilt in finding laughter again. I think your missing piece would be disapointed if you didn't!

  2. Ditto to Katidids, she just said it much better than I could have.
    So glad to see the smiles and laughter. Happy Birthday to the mommy and will look forward to what you have planned for the next party.

  3. I'm another ditto. It's so good to see the smiles of the kids.

    That place looked like fun! We have one with the blow up stuff, but no highway. That's a cute idea.