Saturday, September 26, 2009

so much more than yarn

Today was OFFF!!! Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby, Oregon. This is only my second time and I enjoyed it even more than the first. Quite possibly because I had TWO daughters to share it with and 3 delighted grandmunchkins. No, really, they were delighted. There is so much more to OFFF than just yarn and fiber. So much so that I didn't even take a picture of my stash enhancement. Could also be I don't want any incriminating evidence. But trust me, I got a few skeins of beautiful yarn that I hope will show up soon as WIPS and FOs. But I do have pictures of the other things that make OFFF fun for all ages. There are hand knits everywhere. Even for sale. These adorable little finger puppets sold for $1.50. What Nonny could resist. And funny thing is, they all wanted a "woof woof". Mr. W wore his all the way home!

There were herding demonstrations. Usually the dogs herd sheep but I was glad it was ducks when we saw them. The little ones love ducks. What's not to love?

Of course there were sheep! Tall, small, with horns, without, black, white, and somewhere in between. They liked the sheep. Until the sheep tried to start a conversation with his deep "baaaa".

The "bumbies" were a huge hit! This guy was having his fur combed and his owner was a wealth of information about the different rabbit breeds and their coats. At one point she told us if the bumbie doesn't meet the right standards he's lunch.

As I said, hand knits for sale. The lady selling these plopped one on Mr. B's head hoping I think we'd buy but we're knitters so we'd prefer to make our own. Um, also, Mr. B was less than impressed. And he likes hand knits considering how often he wants to wear his Duck Soup. So maybe it was that fact Mommy or Nonny hadn't made the hat that left him less than impressed.

There was togetherness time too. Auntie S is one doting Auntie. And Mommy is a doting Mommy. These were the memories I'm taking from OFFF, in addition to the yarn fumes and eye candy of course!

While we were getting high on yarn fumes our church family and family was moving our daughter in law into her new home. The Lord provided that she could buy a house closer to us. The Lord also provided a church family and family that loved her and showed up en masse to help. I am looking forward to her being closer and her children being in our neighborhood school. I am also thankful for a new place to see her. I've not been back to their house and grateful I do not have to go back. I think the Lord gave me that as well. One day at a time. But some days are easier than others. I'm grateful my daughters and grandchildren took me away for the day. My daughter needed to breathe elsewhere today as well and what better air to breathe than yarn fume air.


  1. Sounds like you all had a great time. I totally understand not wanting to go back. I'm glad she has a new home to start over with. Somewhere she can have new memories & the support of family.
    Sounds like there's a lot of love in your church family!

  2. The new house is indeed a blessing. It's so hard to go back and I think it will help to have a new home.

    LOVED the picture of Mr. B with the pumpkin hat - he really was not impressed! And no way would I make those finger puppets for $1.50 - that's a lot of work for next to nothin'!!! I also would've snatched them up.

  3. Looks like a great fun day. Wish I lived close enough to go with you. Would love it!!