Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Global warming? Really?

Ahhhh, the excitement of it when you wake up from your nap to view this! Something not seen in our area very often. Well, until last year. We usually have snow, a dusting, once a year, but last year was 10 days of it and we weren't supposed to get any this year...so they said! But we're excited to get it! 1:00pm and outside my sewing room window I spy the first snowflakes. Hmmm, I thought, won't last and I'll enjoy the little flutterings I see. But an hour later? This was the view!

So pretty, so quiet, so calming. Something I think God gifted me with special, today. I was in the doldrums, missing what I did not have and I couldn't even be thankful for what I did have. I'm still missing what I don't have but the snow was a nice diversion.

And 3 hours later...

And on the sewing front, my grandmunchkins like bring stuffed animals, books, toys, etc to Nonny's house for the day. They were transporting in grocery bags. No longer! They now have bags for Nonny's house. Complete with monkey pockets. They currently love the story of the 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed and one fell off and bumped his head. I happened to have book panels of the story that I used to make pockets for the bags. Used up stash fabric, batting, and ribbon.

They were a hit with the kiddos. And came full the next morning with musical instruments!


  1. Love the bags!! They are so cute. I also really love the little vests. Will have to make a trip over to ravelry to scope them out.
    I am glad you made it through Christmas day. I thought about you during the day. Prayed for you on Christmas Eve. It is hard for a person who has never experienced the depth of your loss to truly understand, but we do care. You are a testimony to many in your strength and continued faith.

  2. Your project have been so cute & u can tell the kiddo's LOVE them. Sure makes it easier to keep track of their things..and they can help carry....that was or rule, if you want to take it you need to carry it! Snow is so calming for me, so clean & fresh. Hope you Christmas was full of Joy & suprises

  3. Again wishing I was as creative as you. Those grandkids sure are lucky to have you! I know you would say its the other way around.