Saturday, December 26, 2009

it came...and went....

Oh Boy! It's Christmas!! Oh to have the innocence of a child at Christmas time. Especially this year. But it was not to be for the adults in our family. We felt the loss so crucially this year. I am thankful for the children in our lives. They forced us to go on, to celebrate Christmas, and focus on why we really celebrate Christmas after all. Jesus coming as a baby to save all mankind was even more important this year. If it had been about the gifts and the dinner and even the gathering, we wouldn't have made it. I had very little motivation for gifts this year. I am not a shopper but I love making things. This year, everything I made seemed to be for Christmas season wearing. Like these vests. I loved how they turned out, loved the yarn I used, wished I'd made them bigger. But maybe I'll do them again. Details on my ravelry project page. They are called "Chillman".
I love watching children get gifts. They almost don't care what they are, just that there are plenty of them. I always want my gifts to mean something or be much used/loved so I tend to give few but they require my time. Maybe that's why I never feel I've done enough at Christmas when it's all said and done. And I'm still working on pajamas for the kiddos today, the day after Christmas? I think I'll start a new tradition while we're starting new grandmunchkins will get Christmas gifts through the first of January? Or back to school gifts for when they go back to school after Christmas break...hmmm...have to give that some thought.

This is one of the things that brings me joy at Christmas...the love I see in the family.

A close up of the vest. And no, that's not a stain on the neck area, that's drool.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions we started years ago when our kids were pre teen and we started spending Christmas eve as just our family. The kids weren't listening when we read the Christmas story from the Bible having heard it in church and Sunday School and Awana for the month preceding Christmas Eve. So we began reading a Christmas book. Something that is about the Christmas story but a ficitional addition to it. The song the Little Drummer Boy would be an example. Just mention "One Wintry Night" and my kids will all groan. That book was over 100 pages long. Given the age groups in the family we read two books this year: "The Three Trees" for the older and "Baby's First Nativity" for the younger. The second was complete with hand motions. This is one of my favorite pictures of the whole night. And lest you think the escapee on the couch isn't listening, think again. He was repeating much of what the story was saying for his lofty perch. Hmmm, a future pastor?

This expression on this face says it all for me this Christmas. Much contemplative thought.

So bring on 2010...we're ready to take it on with a roar! And only with God's help.

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  1. Thought of your family quite a bit this Christmas season, hope you feltthe prayers & Cyber hugs! Looks like the kids kept everyone busy &you found some joy.