Saturday, January 2, 2010

the sewing marathon...DONE!

I've been in a destash mood. Since yarn is a little harder to destash quickly, I picked on the fabric. I've been in the sewing room since before Christmas trying to get some things done for Christmas gifts and destash the fabric. After a couple of weeks the tally...drum roll...10 pj tops, 7 pj bottoms, 3 pillowcases, and 4 jumpers. Three of the pj tops are much too big for any of the boys now so I put them away for future Christmas gifts. I'll have to buy fabric to coordinate for the bottoms. But the flannel is Gone! And the grandmunchkins have new pjs. Not exactly for Christmas but at least before the winter is gone.
Below are the new pillowcases with leftover beach, ocean fabric to match their nursery decor. Delivered on Christmas Day night after they opened new pillows. Miss R says hers have "couds". The two youngest boys got "train" pajamas actually for Christmas.

The photo above and below are the pjs for the littlest girls. There was enough flannel to make each little girl two a piece.

I bought some corduroy half off so the little girls each will get two jumpers. I'm working on leg warmers to go with them.

These are for the three year old Miss S.

And these (below) are for the two year old Miss R.

This one is for Miss a couple of years! I made it waaaayyyy too big. So Mommy is going to store it for a bit. I forgot to shoot the back but it was a vintage jumper pattern and the skirt has buttons all the way up from hem to waist. Cute detail but the pattern was horrible to follow. No facing for the underarms, poorly written, finished poorly. I won't be using it again.

I forgot to add the three tote bags from the previous post to the tally. Whew...I'm tired of sewing...for now!


  1. Those are so adorable! Is there any way you might be able to email me those little jumper patterns? Glad to hear you are "de-stashing," I've been on a sewing kick too and it feels good. Now if I can just finish 2 quilts that the tops are done just need backing and batting. :)

  2. Wow! Totaly bow to you! Those jumpers nd jammies are sooooo cue! I have piles of sewing to do and yes, they were to be Christmas gifts, guess I better get to it!

  3. your things are Lovely !!!! I know it gives you so much pleasure.
    I used to sew for my children but haven't done much other than patch for years now. trying to catch up here .Not been blogging much lately. Be blessed in the new year.

  4. Hi Debbie - finally getting back into the swing of things and visiting blogs. I am really in awe of how much sewing you've done and wish I would've thought of Christmas pj's for Brooklyn this year. I too have so much fabric leftover from my quilting days and have been feeling the itch to sew again.

    I have thought of you often during the Christmas season and you truly have been in my prayers.