Monday, January 11, 2010

the days are full!

I've been busy. I've been in "the room", for days. But it's not really bloggable. Because it's too much to photograph and really, do I want to photograph photographs? Albeit they're cleverly displayed on scrapbook pages but it seems redundant. So, here's a photograph of why I've been in "the room": Catching up the grandmunchkin scrapbooks! They are color coded by grandmunchkin so when I work on a specific child's book or they come to visit and want to see their book, at glance a particular child's book can be picked out. It took 4 days to catch up the latest batch of pictures but the books are caught up through the first of December. Christmas pictures are in the mail today! So next weekend might be more of the same. Weekends are for scrapbooking because the rest of the week I'm otherwise engaged.
Engaging smile isn't it? Fridays are usually walk and stop at the playground and I see plenty of these engaging smiles. Never enough though.
Days are full of prayer. I'm not as cute when I pray as Mr. W but God hears both of our prayers. Wednesday nights find me at church assisting in the Awana program. Specifically the Puggles/Cubbies. We had an Awana missionary speak yesterday during Sunday School and it changed my attitude for Wednesday nights. What we do on Wednesday nights shouldn't be work or considered a chore which has been my attitude of late. We are planting seeds for God's kingdom at a very young age and they understand! So now, I'm planning and gearing up for Wednesdays. Including praying for these little ones, 4 of which are my grandchildren, and getting excitment to go and see what God is going to do.

The sewing marathon has been over for awhile but I finally got some pictures of the finished product as they should be...on little R. Who doesn't want her brother stealing her limelight!

I didn't make any resolutions this year per se. It's enough just to try and get through a day, let alone plan for a year. But I have a few goals in mind. One was going to be to read through the Bible this year. But then we were gifted this book and I knew God had a different plan for me. The title of the book is from Isaiah 43:19. A verse that was crucial in my prayer life several years back during a hard time in my life. I asked God for streams in the desert then. He gave them to me. I am in a desert now, a much drier one than before, but when I saw this book I knew this is where God wanted me to spend the year. So, to read the devotional for the day in this book is my first goal.
*A change in my attitude and more effort into Wednesday nights are another goal.
*My daughter in law and I are signed up for a Griefshare class for the next 4 months. To survive it and come out healthier is another goal.
*More reading and more knitting and more sewing if I can, but only if it doesn't interfere with the people in my life.
*Improve the kitchen and living room this year. I have a "Betha" on the counter for change (per Katidids blog) to save up for some of the projects I want to accomplish in these rooms.
*LESS computer time! Which will benefit in more time for projects, probably less money spent since I won't be seeing all the wonderful things others are doing on ravelry and having to have this or that pattern or yarn.


  1. Isn't it funny sometimes when we think we know a plan - like reading through the Bible - and it's a good plan, but then God intervenes and takes us in another direction. Reading through the Bible is always good and is what I'm doing this year. But I can't help but think he obviously has specific words you will need to hear.

    My heart still hurts for you. And yes your grandmunchkins make me smile. :)

  2. She looks like a doll! The jumper turned out wonderful really cute.
    Another wonderful author is Max
    Lucado...a major help was his book Bent willows and bruised Reeds....hope I have that correct.... I'll send it to you i I can find it. Please remember there is no timetable for grief, and don't let anyone push you. Mega Hugs to youand yours

  3. I think you are really keeping busy. I love the jumper!! She looks so cute and tiny standing there.
    I have to agree with Kati...there is no time limit on grief. Am glad though to see that you are taking steps to work through it and doing so with your dear daughter in law. What a blessing it is that you have your faith to help carry you through.