Friday, February 5, 2010

It's A GIRL!!!

On Monday, January 25th, our son and his wife found out the "Lil Bean" (their name for the little one since they found out they were pregnant) is a GIRL!!! I thought it was a boy but, as usual, I was wrong and thrilled to be wrong. They have a name picked out and per my son's qualifications it must have the initials "J. V." after his brother. Had it been a boy, it would have had his brother's name but if a girl, his brother's initials. I hurt for my son and daughter without their brother almost as much as I hurt for myself. Lil Bean has been a good distraction for our son and family.
Once I found out, I couldn't put down the sewing itch for even a whole day. I leafed through quilt patterns and shopped the stash and here is the happy result. I've made a lot of quilts and I've liked almost all of them but there are a few that jump out and just grab me. This is one of them. I really, really, really, like how it turned out. Except for the white and yellow, it is stash fabric. Even the flannel backing I purchased on sale in a quilt shop some months ago for a mere $3 a yard. Quilt shop flannel for $3! I made a fleece blanket like this 3 years ago for our first baby granddaughter. It was so much work and I had to purchase so many different colors of fleece, I just went ahead and made two hoping our daughter would soon get pregnant. Well, she did get pregnant, with triplets! And there wasn't fabric for 3 of them, I didn't want to go back and do two more, and I had something else in mind for her little ones. So the unfinished blanket lanquished in the UFO pile...until this week. I had enough flannel left from the quilt to back the fleece and so Lil Bean now has two blankets for her crib.
I tried a new hobby this week. Beading.
My daughter and I have a bead stash that was mainly gifted to us. She's tried it and now I have. It is not destined to make it onto my hobby list. While I like the stitch markers I made, it was tedious (and knitting isn't???) and detailed (again, knitting/crocheting isn't?) and I just didn't care for it (unlike knitting/crocheting/sewing/cross stitch). So I made 22 stitch markers and gave the beads back to my daughter with some of the completed stitch markers. If I want pretty stitch markers, I'll check out etsy.
The weeks are flying by with so much to do and so much to keep me occupied that I'm surprised I'm still getting some things done. It's still hard to focus and work on projects so the excuse of having to get ready for Lil Bean has forced my hand a bit. I've learned much from the Grief Share group. One thing is not to rush myself or let anyone else so I'll just celebrate when I do finish something.


  1. Whaa lucky lucky lttle one...I LOVE the quilt! Girly but bright and airy. Both are so different but wonderful! What a blessed baby to have so many loving her already.
    Its a shame you didn't care for beading as you have a great eye for color! Move forward at small stesr big ones, they are only yours to make. Just know here are a lot of Prayers for you and your family to ease the darkness of the path. Give Miss S a big hug for me.

  2. I love the quilts!! The embroidery detail on the Noah'a ark one is so cute.
    Have you found Henya's blog yet? It is called Chicken Stitches and you can get to it through my blog. I mention it because she makes amazing stitch markers. She is also a very good read. Henya is a Russian Immigrant who's whole focus is being able to move to Israel at some point.
    I think you would really enjoy her if you have not found her yet.
    Congratulations on the new Lil Bean.
    If Miss S was hiding, she did not do a very good job. We all know it is her behind the blanket!!:)

  3. The quilt turned out beautiful!! I wish I could do that.

  4. The quilt turned out beautiful!!! I wish I could do that.

  5. I came across your blog by chance and have just read through the last eight months of your life. Feels odd since I don't even know you, but your work and your words are wonderful.

  6. Debby,

    Love how you share your Christianity along with your crafts!

    If you enjoy cross stitching you may want to visit my website where most of the designs feature Bible verses.

    There is a free design called "His Name is Jesus" that has blessed many.

    Keep being a "Light"!


  7. Debby you just always amaze me with your talents! The quilt is absolutely gorgeous and perfect - do you remember the name of the pattern?

    I'm with you on the beading. One of my girlfriends is quite the beader and finally talked me into trying stitch markers and it just wasn't my thing. We are fortunate that the Lord blesses us all with different talents that we can all share.

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