Monday, February 15, 2010

a swap and hats and cloths and, well, just miscellaneous

I smelled this delight long before I saw it. I was outside taking photos of my latest knitting endeavors and I smelled this delicious smell and then remembered what I was smelling and went looking a little closer...Daphne! I planted this bush for the smell more than the flowers. It means spring is coming! I've been mainly just hanging in there, taking it one day at a time, trying to stay focused, trying to accomplish something.
A missionary friend we've known for years and years is sick with cancer. The ladies that know and love her put together a care basket with little luxuries. I knit a heart cloth for her. And added some bubble bath. It took me an evening watching the Olympics to knit it. Someone on ravelry, or rather, several someones, said they liked face cloths out of Bernat Cotton Tots. I happened to have some leftover in my stash. It is soft and knit up nicely. The stitches are more even than the photo shows. I hope she knows she is loved and prayed over.

I can't resist a hat swap. Especially with so many grandmunchkins to benefit from it. The latest was a turtle hat swap from the pattern in Itty Bitty Hats. I tried out the new Spud and Chole yarn and I'm hooked! Knits up well, feels good on the hands. And washable! This isn't a very good shot of the hat. The turtles are more evenly spaced out and have a better overall look than this picture shows. Not sure I'll do another but it was fun to do once. And since I have two grandsons to wear one, I may do another so neither is left out.

My package from my swap partner....all the way from Australia! We were supposed to include yarn for one of the toys in Itty Bitty Toys. She included a lavender for a hippo for my new granddaughter. It is perfect since my daughter in law's favorite color is purple. She also included some organic yarn that special to Australia for a sweater for the new Lil Bean. Overall I was throughly spoiled. I hope to do the same for my swap partner.
I have a few more projects on the needles, including my ravelympics project. I'll post more in just a bit so come on back. But right now...I'm going to enjoy the spring weather we have here today!

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  1. I'm suffering bud envy! Green things! The hat is adorabe & thank you for the feedback of the yarn,I was waiting hear the response to it. wOW, THATS A GREAT SWAP! I piced upa bunch of yarn on our last trip...still trying to find a special pattern for a memory garment