Sunday, March 28, 2010

A fishing we will go~

It's spring break here, the weather is beautiful, my husband and son had days off that coincided so...Take the kids fishing! Get 'em young. Hook them into their favorite past time. And here is the happy gang, ready to go.
Miss M, so I'm told, was the most diligent in the boat. But alas, sometimes the most diligent doesn't get the rewards. She did get a new pretty pink pole for the event so maybe that was reward enough.

As I said, Miss M was the most diligent. Apparently our son is diligent as well. In enjoying the sun, the fine day, the rocking of the boat. Perhaps not in his duties in watching the 3 year old as she "paddles" with the net.

Some of the kiddos learned the fine art of fishing better than others.

And we have one! One, only one, and caught by the least diligent fisherman, er woman, er toddler. She preferred to play, paddle with the net, drink Graypa's gatorade (see below), wind her pole, decide she needed a bathroom break just so she could sit on a bucket in the boat. And she catches the one and only fish. Go figure. That's why it's called fishing and why I don't think I can do it. At least with knitting, even if you ripit, ripit, ripit, you're still guaranteed something to show for your time even if it's a pile of yarn.
And she reminded me so much of her Dad and Uncle at that age. Everytime the fish moved she screamed. Didn't want anything to do with it.
And this guy? Learning well. I forsee another Graypa in our future. Perhaps we should put his name on the title of the boat?

So glad the kiddos and the Graypa and Uncle had such a great day with together. Next time I'm going. But I'll be armed with knitting and a book and the camera. Not a pole.

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  1. That looks so peaceful... well if it were me in the boat and not surrounded by my giggling pack of girls and shrieking son who gets excited about toes... then it would be peaceful.