Saturday, March 20, 2010

a little of this and a lot of that

Life has been inundated this week with...wait for it...SUN! It's been beeeuuuutiful and warm and 3 two year olds discovered dirt and what ever is in it. Kids and dirt means more laundry but happy kids.Spring also means the spring Chinook runs in the river which means my better half is going to be on the river every chance he gets. Which means more chance of eating springers for dinner. And there isn't better tasting salmon than a spring Chinook (in my opinion). So sit back and enjoy the smiles. They make me smile and I'm thankful God knew I would need some smiling in my days and blessed me with these. Still miss the one who made me smile with his antics and phone calls but at least there are other things to smile about. Actually this little guy reminds me of him with his, ahem, antics. He is a tease and ornery. And yet, makes us laugh. You can just see it in his face!

Sun, flowers, and little girls. I had to laugh the other day when we were walking watching this little girl and her brothers. When they spied "flowers" in the grass, she would bend down for a closer look and ooh and ahhh. Her brothers would stomp on every flower they found. No one taught them that but God wired them differently and I love the differences.

Doesn't this say "boy" all over it? Worms, band aids, dirt, and a grin that melts your heart.

Thank you Lord for the sunshine you put in my days.

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  1. He always sends the rainbow, sometimes in human form.