Thursday, April 1, 2010

I smiled today

Spring is here. At least an Oregon spring. Which means rain, wind, storms, sun, and blossoms and even, on occasion, snow. But what makes me smile about spring are these. See if you don't smile as well. Bet you will. I'm smiling again just looking at them.

She huffed and she puffed to no avail.
And all the while her cousin picked daisies as a more time worthy pursuit given that she had something to show for her labors.

Maybe she should have tried to drown it off like her brother. But then, if you get too close with wet cheeks, the result isn't all that pleasant, as her other brother will attest.

She's still picking daisies....and still making me smile all over again.

And then there are those things that don't make us smile. I had the flu last week. Bad. I haven't had it in 25 years and never had a flu shot...until this year. Is there a coincidence? I think not. But Little Miss R made me smile. She kept asking, "Nonny, do you feel better?"


  1. What wonderful shots! You're right - they made me smile!

  2. Oh, you have a plentiful "garden"! Wonderful photos! Sorry you've been feeling so bad, I refuse the shot. First & Last time I was sick as a dog and the affects lingered for a month. Go slow and let yourself heal. Easter blessings to you and yours.