Monday, March 1, 2010

Houston, we have a problem

Actually, it should read we have "problems" rather than "problem" singular. The first was this:
This has been our home away from home for several years. We were so thankful for this upgrade some years ago. We've been camping since we were young, as kids with our families, then as youth with our church group, then throughout our married life. We started in a tent, then as the kids grew, a village of tents, then we splurged and bought a pop top, and then this was given to us. It's been a wonderful way to see our state. But alas, good things come to an end. It was this fall on the annual guys fishing trip that it sprung a leak. A BIG one. Irrepairable one. And the refrigerator decided not to refrigerate anymore and instead send out ammonia fumes. Bottom line to repair everything? Big one. So we hemmed and hawed and waved good by. Thanks for the memories. Mostly good ones but we shared some sorrowful times too.
What is a family to do that loves to camp? And doesn't have a trailer? Buy a new one. We shopped online. Found the perfect one for the 3 of us and assorted munchkins and grandmunchkins depending on the trip. For example-No carpet! A bed for Miss S. A tip out for my husband, windows for me. After finding the perfect one online we went shopping. Looked at the perfect one in real life. Shopped a bit more looking at probably 15 models. Still preferred the perfect one. So here it is. One problem solved.

Then there is my problem with severe startitis. I can swatch a mean gauge. Cast on perfectly. Even do a row or two and then....nothing.
My ravelympics project..yeah, no medals for me:

Miss S. Albanian sweater. Restarted this one multiple times but it's right now. Well at least the first row. I found this pattern shortly after we adopted Miss S from Albania. I bought it, yarn and pattern and still love it but here it sits. The Guild theme this year is stranded knitting so maybe it will get done this year?

An almost finished lace sweater I've had for, a long time. My goal is to finish it for Easter. With the other two shrugs for two granddaughters. How far away is Easter?

The whiligig shrug from Interweave Knits Weekend magazine. It goes up to a 24 month size. My granddaughter, whom this is for, is 30 months, but small. And she picked out the yarn and reminds me that it is her purple yarn (sweater).

And the last one I'm going to admit to is this shawl. I frogged the Evenstar shawl from the last post. Knitting unforgiving silk in the round on a magic loop gave me ladders and it just wasn't pretty. But I loved the silk. So perusing through patterns I found one I liked, wasn't too difficult and cast on, and cast on, and cast on. I might actually finish this since the shawl starts at the widest point and goes smaller.

I didn't even post the 1.75 socks, the .75 dishcloth, the projects all ready to go with yarn and patterns. I was a monogamous knitter/crocheter...was being the operative word.
I'm off, to finish something. Maybe I'll go sew for a bit. That's fast and I finish what I start. Or better yet, I'll go knit. Hmmm, maybe I'll start something new. Just kidding.


  1. Oh! Congrats on your new home away from home! I bet MissS loves it, er own space. Lots of new memories to create. It's good to know I'm not the only one that has
    startitis...we're normal right....RIGHT!?! I just need to follow through with finish-itis! I'm working on it.

  2. I made the whirligig sweater for a neighbor baby. It turned out real cute. I would even consider making it again.

  3. Oh the trailer is so great! We've been thinking hard about getting one and took Miss B to the rv show to look around. For our vacation in April we've rented one so that we can kind of try before we buy. :)

    As always, your knitting is beautiful. I have stayed away from lace knitting using itty bitty yarn, but love lacey baby blanket patterns using dk weight - does that count???