Monday, March 15, 2010

taking off.....

the first time in the new trailer!
After such a beautiful weekend last week, we waited until this weekend to try out the new trailer for the first time. Forecast? Wind, rain, clouds, more rain, maybe some clearing. Yes, timing is everything and apparently we don't have everything. That said, it was a good weekend to test drive the amenities. And amenities they are in comparison to the camping we did years ago with three little ones. A shower, in the trailer, as compared to using the utility sink next to the bathrooms to bathe those same three little ones. And a microwave...camping? And staying dry and Warm! I remember a camping trip huddled under tarps and bundled up trying to keep my teeth from chattering while those more fortunate in our group were playing cards in their trailers. Camping has come a looooong way for us!We camped in our old stompin' grounds: Ft Stevens on the north Oregon coast. We camped there every summer with our church family for years. Ft. Stevens is just that. An fort established to protect the coast and entrance to the Columbia during the Civil War. Yes, the Civil War. The fort actually fired on a Japanese sub during WWII. It was in service for 84 years. The batteries and fort are still in place and open to explore and play in. Our youth saw many games of hide and seek and capture the flag in Battery Russell. There are biking trails, hiking, a lake to fish or swim in, and of course, the beach with an old ship wreck. The ship was the Peter Iredale and sunk back in 1906.

This picture of what is left of the Peter Iredale and the beach doesn't tell the whole story. It was after a night of wind and rain and the wind is still blowing hard. The tide was in and we didn't even get to walk on the beach this day. This is the farthest we've ever seen the tide in on the beach here.

My husband will use any place or excuse to fish. And he is usually successful. He brought a nice fat trout home after this little fishing excursion. Which I ate for breakfast. Mighty tasty.
While Mr. Fisherman was fishing, Miss S and I hiked around Coffenbury Lake. I hadn't done that since I was in youth group and I remember getting ate alive by mosquitos. No bugs this time, just quiet, except for Miss S "purring". The winds had flown off to parts east and left a quiet serene lake with reflections in the water. I love reflections and taking pictures of them so
I enjoyed the hike for more than the hike itself. Although it was a good trip, lots of quiet, reading, and knitting, there was a lot of time for memories and heartache ensued. Much time for reflection and tears and missing. Like the tide, life marches on but I couldn't help but wish for a "do over" and live those memories again.


  1. I am envious of your trailer! It looks fantastic. I agree, Ft. Stevens does hold some of the greatest memories. It is so hard to not wish for days gone by and live where we are at. I'm so excited for you and your many camping trips to come in your new trailer!

  2. Glad you got away for a while. All of this works to heal, I am sure. Beautiful pictures. I love the one of your husband and Ms. S on the dock.

  3. What a breathtaking area you were camping in! And I look forward to more trailer stories.

    Every time I go to the lake I feel so close to God. So I understand you saying there's time for memories and reflection. I'm glad you got to spend some time there.