Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a week!

Springer season for salmon just ended but before it did my husband managed to land a 13 pounder. And it was on a weekday when I had grandmunchkins to see it all. To say they were fascinted is to put it mildly. As he has always been with inquisitive kids, Graypa let them touch and look and ask questions. Yes, it has teeth. No, it can't bite you.
Getting a really good look at the salmon.

Then came the preparation or filleting. That was fascinating too. Well, at least to the boys. But it involved a fish and tools (ie-knife).

The girls preferred to be onlookers, from a little distance.

We finished out the week with another baby shower! But this time for our newest little granddaughter to make her appearance sometime in June. It was a wonderful baby shower and the Mommy to be was so pleased with the wonderful things she received and the many guests that encouraged and supported her.

One of the games involved matching socks, baby socks, in 7 seconds. Even the littlest girls at the shower thought this was great fun and were willing to help out anyone that let them.

One of the original gifts was a baby wreath. The background is disposable diapers tied or taped to a wreath and then all manner of things a baby will need tied/taped on to the diaper background. Very clever and very useful. It was a variation on the diaper cake that has been around awhile.

Little baby girl is due to make her appearance in the next 2 months or so. I've some knitting for her but they weren't finished in time for the shower so I guess I'll take them to the hospital or give them to her as I complete them. There were no hand knit sweaters or booties but sew many clothes that I don't think I'll be sewing for this little one for quite some time. Now knit sweaters??? Those are needed since she didn't receive any.

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