Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a couple of FO's

I finished a few things! Still don't have a lot of focus. Perhaps the 2 and 3 year olds I care for and love each day are rubbing off on me?? I didn't even sew spring dresses for the girls this year...gasp! I bought them! But it's hard to beat the price tag for the dresses I got. So I made a little shrug to go over the dress. Here it is, off the needles, on the granddaughter. I didn't even get to block it. It is a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern. I really like their patterns because there is such a wide size range, usually. This pattern went from size 6 months to size 8. It only took me three days to knit this up and would have been a lot less if I knit more than just at nap time and the evenings. Someday that will happen and I'll miss the little feet, the cluttered house and the joy they bring. Details for the shrug are on my ravelry page. Tis the season...for babies and weddings! My goodness! The first baby shower was this past weekend for my nephew's little boy, due sometime this month. I stash busted for the quilt top and love how it turned out. I think the new Mommy was pretty happy with it as well.

Stay tuned....another baby shower this Saturday!

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  1. Both are beatiful! So is the little one wearing it. Did you make them for all the girls?