Monday, April 5, 2010

I really am thankful for times like these

Our family took a great loss some months ago and I was unsure of how we would survive and how our family dynamics would change and would the family bind together or pull apart as we each handled our grief differently. I am so thankful and praising God that when we lost our son we didn't lose the family. If anything, they seem to want to be together more. But time is a precious commodity, especially on holidays since there is another side to celebrate with. So we find non holiday occasions to get together and because they're not holidays and they're given enough notice to work around weird work schedules, everyone can usually make it. Friday night was one of those get togethers. Pizza and coloring eggs. Our grandmunchkins range in age from 2 to 14 and believe it or not, everyone, adults included had fun coloring eggs together. I haven't laughed, really laughed, in many months. But I did this night and it felt good. The two oldest grandmunchkins didn't get many eggs colored but they spent a great deal of time on every egg they did and made them masterpieces.
This guy came up with his own "invention" to hold the egg in the glass.

Yes, that's pink enough. This age had their favorite colors and that's all they used. Hers was pink and purple.

I know I put an egg in there somewhere.....

And the most colorful hands award goes to....

Even the big kids colored eggs.

And the cleanest hands award is a tie!

The whole family, waiting for pizza. Pizza for 20 family members: $60 Eggs and egg dye: $20 Memories and laughter and having the family together: priceless
And then we were all together again for Easter Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. I had nursery duty on Easter Sunday but I was so richly blessed as I read the story of the first Easter to 2 and 3 year olds. They sat with me and munched their animal crackers as I read the story and looked at the pictures.
It was also a great opportunity to get a picture of my husband and myself with all of our grandmunchkins. I am usually behind the camera so we have very few pictures of me with the kiddos. Although I much prefer behind the camera, I would like my munchkins to have at least a memory or two of me.
And then there were the required family photos in their Easter finery. Although, some, were a little more interested in running about outside than standing with their Mom and Dad. However, I think their Mom has the situation under control.

Another beautiful family. They are well but there is a hole that makes my heart ache.

And with little ones, there much be a hunt on Easter.

Easter is the most wonderful celebration of our Savior's resurrection. Because He loved us enough to give up the glories of Heaven and take on a human form, to suffer a cruel death on a cross, to be buried, and resurrected the third day, I have eternal life and I will see my son again. It was a day of celebration and joy and heartache.

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  1. The picture of Christina holding Brandon and Warren in place is so funny and so cute! Oh for innocence of childhood. :)