Monday, May 17, 2010

Drumroll for socks and tag, you're it

May I have a drumroll please? Or better yet, strike up the band! I finished my first pair of socks! And I understand now why people love hand knit socks. Aside from the fact they are fun to knit, they're lovely to wear. Mmmm, very nice. I've only been working on them for a couple of years since they got pushed aside anytime something else had to be knit. The next pair won't take as long, guaranteed. And, patting myself on the back here, but notice the stripes line up on the socks? Yep, planned it that way!
And finally! I was tagged by:
I was to go to my photo file, select the 8th photo, write about it, and then tag 8 friends.
This was the eighth photo in my May photo folder. It is of 3 of my grandmunchkins delivering May baskets for the first time. It is a long tradition, started when my sister and I were girls, delivering baskets of flowers on May 1st, knocking on the door, and trying not to get caught. We dropped the tradition when in our teens I think and I picked it back up when my kids were little and up until they were teens. They would get VERY creative about where they took off to or hid once they knocked on the door! I remember one son diving over a wood pile when he heard the door open, not even knowing what was on the other side of the wood pile!
This year our daughter started it up again much to the delight of her grandmother. She said she'd actually been thinking about it a few days before and missing it. These guys got caught at every stop but with practice, after a few years, they'll get it.
Now, if you read my blog, consider yourself tagged! But specifically Mari at Waiting in Ohio, Katie at Only Slightly Bent(s), Christina at chrissmarie5, Katie at Katidids, and Stacey at Hartfeld's Ranch Life.

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