Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whew....I haven't lost my touch

In sewing that is. The last sewing session was more about correcting "oops" than it was creative. And I just wasn't really happy with the Minnie top. The straw that broke the camel's back was when my daughter commented it was a bit big in the neckline and could I add a piece to keep it on her shoulders. I.hate.repairs. I would much, much rather make from scratch than try and repair or creatively alter something I've already done. A bit more fabric (at 50% off) and wa la...a new top. One I am much happier with. One the little girl is much happier with. One the Mommy is happier with. Whew!

And I finished another knitting project for 2011, #6. A quick one for the Easter swap in the Itty Bitty group. We are required to put in a bunny of some sort, a chick of some sort, and some chocolate. Only one thing has to be handcrafted since our timeline was short. I finished some sewing and one knitting project for my package. There is another on the needles I hope to show on Finished Friday since the package is supposed to be in the mail on Friday.
I'm not the only creative one! Look at what this guy does with Lincoln logs!


  1. Yep, like that one better - but she will grow into the other one, too! AND - he's still wearing that hat! Me thinks I better whip up another one!

  2. Turned out so cute and she's getting so big! I have been wondering about you and lost all my blog links when my computer died and I found you today! So glad.