Monday, May 23, 2011

Gearing up for the lazy days of summer...

by racing through the spring! My goodness it's been busy with the programs that run throughout the fall and winter finish up and the garden starts up. Here's a smattering of what life has held in store over the last weeks.....Awana ended for our church and there were the awards on the last night. I am blessed to help my daughter with the Cubbies. They sang for the church before getting their awards. Wish I had sound and video so you could get the full effect. Let's just say cute doesn't begin to describe it.

Our granddaughter finished up her book the night of the awards! She did it! Applause!

There was a ladies tea at our church. And I was blessed, again, to take these very fine ladies. Not to mention beautiful, well mannered, fun, and a few more adjectives.

Very fine ladies indeed. And they enjoyed playing the part once we arrived at the tea in borrowed boas and hats.

Spring means garden. I love when the rain stops long enough for us to start getting our hands dirty. I stopped canning several years ago except for grape juice and applesauce so the garden is all about feasting on fresh vegetables throughout the summer and early fall. My husband does most of the getting ready and I do most of the weeding and we share, with our grandmunchkins, the harvesting. We're trying some new things this year to make vegetables fun...stay tuned!

The gang is planting the cucumber seeds in our very mini greenhouse.

And the last night of Awana was a roller skating party! Another fun time that we enjoyed as helpers with Awana. This is just one picture of many of little ones determined to master the wheels on their feet. This little one in particular gave up the help before the night's end and stated she was going to go around the big rink "by myself". She did. But was even more impressive was the older kids in the Awana group that would stop in and ask how she was doing and if she needed help instead of just whizzing on by.

We didn't just plant our own garden this year. My husband's mom loves having a garden but it's a big job to get it all planted so we brought a planting crew this year. I think she enjoyed the planting crew more than she enjoyed the fact that her garden got planted!

And the crew got to put into action the verse they learned in Sunday School: "...Do good and be ready to share...." They shared their time, their smiles, and their respect.

It's out of place but a last night of Awana shot with our grandmunchkins. We are their grandparents but we also are very blessed by the Awana program and help out on Wednesday nights. Our own children were blessed by Awana and we're thrilled to see our grandmunchkins being blessed as well.

And I managed a bit, just a bit, of knitting. And some sewing too but I'll put that in the next post.

A headband from Never Not Knitting. But I didn't have time to knit the flowers or bees or birds so I sewed on some pretty trims I had. A two hour project and a great use of a little yarn.

And a hat that I was asked to make, um, about 4 months ago. This was for a foster daughter of a family that attends our Awana program. She has very little hair and wears lots of hats. She asked me to make her one for her wardrobe. She loved it so much she wore it to bed the night I gave it to her and said "it made her feel God's love in her head". Wow, there is no better thanks than that!

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