Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some more FO's

Despite the rain and cool temperatures we've been having, the garden is an FO! Well, mostly. Still have the pumpkins and purple potatoes to plant and the herb garden but the green beans, beets, kolorabi, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, and onions are in! Did I forget anything?

I had help...for a bit... and then.... get the picture. Sidewalk chalk and bubbles...definitely more fun!

I was hoping to have two sweaters out of the WIP pile and in the FO pile but not just yet. Maybe by Friday? However! I did get my swap package in the mail last week and my swap partner received it over the weekend. Yet another swap in the Itty Bitty Group. This one was on cupcakes with the requirements being the cupcake hat and the cupcake pincushion. They are swappers extrodinaire. We have such fun as virtual friends. We've been swapping for over a year now with new people joining in that just adds to the fun and friendships. And now RAK has been added in and that really adds to the closeness of the group.

My swap partner had her daughter model the hat. She is 6 months old and the hat is soooo much cuter on a sweet little face. Both were fun and easy to knit. Details on my ravelry page.

I added a crocheted hot pad. Fun to crochet, well written pattern. But, alas, not sure how much more crocheting I can do, especially with cotton. It made my hands and wrists hurt and I ended up taking Alieve to finish. I do love to crochet though so I'll probably tough through some more crochet projects but few and far between. Knitting does not affect my hands or wrists since I taught myself continental knitting.

Hopefully I'll be back soon.

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