Monday, September 26, 2011

I haven't been slacking...

except on writing blog posts! Between teaching school 4 days a week and grandmunchkins here 12 hours a day four days a week, I'm thrilled with what has been accomplished outside of that. Especially in the sleep department! But there's been some knitting and a lot of sewing. First up, a test knit for Andiomenia. This is the Belle skirt, size 10. It was published in the August Classic Elite free patterns. It is knit out of Cascade Sierra. More details on my ravelry page. Unfortunately, the granddaughter I intended it for...grew! So it is languishing in the closet until one of the other granddaughters grows a bit. I think it will be awhile.

I bought a bag pattern from another blog. It's the Go Anywhere Bag. I saw the bag on a blog I read and loved it. I still love the pattern and can see myself using it repeatedly. I've already made 9 of them! The pattern was $8 so I've go my money's worth. I'm in the middle of another swap with the Itty bitty group on ravelry, E is for Elephants. Hence the jungle fabric. It was the only elephant fabric I could find to make a bag. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, I bought enough to make 3 bags. I didn't know that at the time but just bought a couple of yards without a clear direction as to what kind of a bag I was going to make my swap partner until I saw this pattern. But the one in the photo above I'm saving for me, after I enter it in the fair next year.

I've had this beach fabric in my stash for a long time waiting for the right project. I found it. This was my second "beach bag" since my daughter absconded with the first. It's a good thing since the lining of that bag was from the sheets I had made for her changing table and then repurposed since the fabric was like new.

Another jungle bag, but for my swap partner. There is a third, just like this one but it's a surprise as to whom it's going to.

I found lining fabric that coordinated with the outside fabric. Again, bought both without a clear direction as to their use in my swap package until I found this pattern!

I've been collection dolphin and whale fabric in half yard increments because my younger daughter loves both and has them all over her room. So I dug them out and she now has a new knitting bag as well!

Instead of using piping on the pockets, I used a rope type trim. I used it on the first beach bag as well but couldn't find anymore.

And then, there are the fall bags. One for me that has several knitting projects already stuffing it full, and two for the upcoming knitting retreat as a raffle prize and a gift for the teacher.

And last, I made two books, soft books. One to send with the swap package, one to go in the Christmas bag. They also coordinate with the bag. I couldn't have planned it better if I tried.

I should have more projects done this week. There are several on the needles so maybe I won't be slacking in the blog posts~

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