Saturday, October 22, 2011

You know it's fall when...

The grapes are ready for picking and juicing. That's what my husband is doing today. He actually likes picking the grapes and making the juice while he's watching football. A win win for him and a huge win for me! Because I am.... finishing up a Halloween costume. Her Daddy calls her "soup", as in chunky soup so he asked for a soup can for her Halloween costume. It took me some time to wrap my brain around it. How could I make it work. The one's that have been done that are on the internet gave a stepping off point but didn't look the way I wanted. So here we have, (insert drumroll here), a soup in a soup can! She's thrilled with her costume. Everytime she sees it she is so overjoyed she cries. After the time and the work, that's how I am choosing to interpret it. Still have to knit the pumpkin hat but it went home with her today to get her used to it.

Here is is minus the enthusiastic trick or treater. I used a wreath form for the top of the can. Then, basically, made a wind sock. I ironed on the letters.

I don't know if there is such a thing as spicy pumpkin soup but it is Halloween and she is a bit of a spicy little one. Just try and take something she thinks is hers!

The nutrition label on the back. My machine, despite being 17 years old, was a top of the line model when I bought it and it came with the capacity to "write".

I eased the torment over the costume by letting her help me pick tomatoes. The last of the garden. It had to be the shortest summer ever but the tomatoes are lasting awhile.

This week my swap package arrived from Canada! In this box of all things. It was perfect, a Nike box! I knew it was going to be good. And it was!

Leanne, from Canada and one of the mainstays of the Itty Bitty Group was my swap partner. She included some great things for the grandmunchkins. Little did she know that she got perfect gel bracelets for the 4 youngest. I'm saving them for their trick or treating. There is a princess one, a fairy one, Spiderman, and Cars. Perfect!

The goody part of the package. I have been hearing about Smarties in the group for awhile and I finally got to try them. They aren't available in the US. I was nice. I shared with the kids, all of them. They truly are yummy!

Here is the entire swap package when I opened the box. The bag is now holding my "to do" supplies for Christmas. I shudder when I see it because it is about full! And I just ordered some yarn for a couple more gifts!

The swap was titled: E is for Elephant and here are the elephant goodies. The puppet is a huge hit! As are the other little ones. I gave one of the elephants to Shega and one is now on my key chain.

And finally! The best part! My little knit elephante! So cute and her knitting is so wonderful. This little gal is by my chair in the living room. Although she did take a nap with one of my granddaughters when she first arrived. Her name, I am told, is Penelope Candace. Penny Candy for short. Now that's cute!

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  1. My mouth is watering just looking at the picture of the grapes. My sister used to have vines and would share with me. One day she just decided to cut them down, ahhhhhh, what was she thinking? I used to make juice and jam, oh my gosh the smell in the house was amazing.