Monday, October 17, 2011

I love what I've created recently!

This sweater has to be one of my favorite things I have ever knit. Labor intensive but oh, so much fun to knit! A few details are below on knit project 18 but....

First up....finished this little guy one evening. In time to mail out. Yep, he went in a box with some other goodies to my swap partner somewhere close. He was part of my "E is for elephant" swap package in the Itty Bitty group. We were to choose one elephant knit pattern and make that for our swap partner, add some goodies, and ship it out. I did add some elephant goodness but forgot to take a picture of it! As well, all the swappers sent me special goodies for our leader's package and then I shipped it off to her in Three boxes!!! There is a whole lot of love in that group!

I knit this guy using the elephante pattern but I modified him a bit by felting the pieces just a bit before sewing. I added fabric to his ears and leaves to his back. More details on ravelry. Knit project number 19!

But the project I am probably most proud of this year to date is the Princess sweater. It is actually the Lavanda pattern by Elena Nodel. This Canadian designer creates some of the best patterns for kids. They are seamless, usually top down, but fun to knit, and so attractive. I used handpainted superwash Cascade 220 in princess pink to create this sweater for one of my princesses. I found the Beauty and the Beast buttons on etsy and they finished the theme. I did make a couple of modifications to the pattern and the details are on my ravelry project page.

Hood up from the back. I continued the hood in the ribbing from the bodice. The pattern called for stockinette but I got up a bit and just didn't like it so I modified it. I do like the continuity of the rib pattern.

Beauty and the Beast buttons. Little Miss picked which buttons she wanted used and the order.

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  1. OH MY WORD!!!! I know why you didn't want to give away Habar - he is ADORABLE! And you are quite welcome. I aim to please in the dressing department! :-) She did look pretty princessy adorable! and I think she was quite happy from the look on her face! BEAUTIFUL!