Saturday, December 31, 2011

before 2011 flies away....

....a few scenes of Christmas at our house....

the traditional guarding of the presents by our youngest daughter. Her gifts are front and center and all future gifts will be arranged behind them according to importance. And she will decide that. She is consistent along with slightly annoying. But we love her, foibles and all.

The littlest grandmunchkin. For now.

Last year they arrived before the table was set and promptly joined in helping Graypa set the table. It was so much more fun that way that we waited this year until they arrived to set the table.

The Nativity set is enjoyed by yet another grandmunchkin. My favorite thing to come out at Christmas just because I enjoy watching the little, and not so little, play with it.

More table setting help.

I had help in the kitchen too. And I'm going to keep doing it this way. More of a family activity to put Christmas dinner on the table and less of a one woman show.

Dinner is served along with good conversation and laughs. Holidays still hurt but I am thankful for these.

I could not do what I do without these two. Especially my husband. He often times moves faster than I can think but he moves to a faster beat and my brain can't keep up.

Such a cute little frosting face. I had a project after dinner while we were waiting for cousins to arrive of creating a Nativity scene from gumdrops, graham crackers, frosting and more. Little one decided she'd rather eat than create.

The traditional reading of the Nativity story in some form.

Bring on the traditional banana splits! It's been a big winner for several years.

The traditional squirting of the whipped cream into open mouths.

Favorite gifts.

Christmas was over and we were asked to take a little grandmunchkin for a few days. I had a need to go to the ocean so with little one in tow, we headed to the beach for the day.

First stop: McDonald's for breakfast. Don't worry, lunch was at Mo's for seafood!

Despite wind, rain, hail, cold temperatures, we walked on the beach...Twice! There were jelly fish!

There was a bit of sun. Still very cold though.

I go to the sea to breathe, visit the local yarn store, buy yarn, visit the candy store, buy taffy, watch taffy being made, eat fish and chips, visit the cheese factory, look for whales, see a lighthouse, And take in breathtaking scenery.

Building castles of hopes and dreams for 2012. Happy New Year~


  1. I have to someone expecting again??? :) You mentioned "for now" under Jaelyn's pic about being the youngest. :) Just curious if you can share!

  2. I hope that Jaelyn won't always be the youngest. But for now, she is.