Friday, December 23, 2011

keeping the tradtions

Really??? Christmas is only 3 days away? Yep, I was afraid, very afraid! The knitting is barely started, the sewing is just finished, and the shopping? Well, best not go into that. But I pushed my fright (wink) aside, literally, and got out the makings for sugar cookies. I wanted the grandmunchkins to have some memories of fun things with Nonny. Not a stressed out Nonny, worried about not getting the gifts done, although underneath my smiling exterior, that was reality. I love making gifts for the little ones and I am disappointed those gifts won't be under the tree. Really disappointed. But they don't know that and I don't want them to remember me sitting on the couch furiously knitting while they "go play". So get ready.....

We made cookies! They rolled and cut and decorated.

Well, most of them did. Rolled and cut and decorated. One was more interested in stacking.

And decorating...must decorate. I think, from the grin, he thought this the fun part.

To frost or not to frost, that is the question. Ok, frost.

And taste, definitely, taste.

And the masterpieces are finished!

The traditional sewing is finished! Last year I started making flannel shirts for the boys. This has to be some of the nicest shirting flannel I've found. So soft! And an absolute nightmare to rip out. Ask me how I know?

And the PJs!! They are done too! Except for one nightgown for a naughty girl. She had the audacity to grow!

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