Saturday, January 14, 2012

Be our guest.....

"Put our service to the test. Wrap your napkin round your neck Cheri, and we will do the rest."
Any guesses as to which movie we just went to see with most of the grandmunchkins? Yep, one of my all time favorite Disney movies, Beauty and the Beast. But with 3D. And it was wonderful! I'm not putting pictures on facebook much anymore so bear with my bragging here on my blog instead. I'll still be including my creative pursuits but this blog has morphed a bit. Can you see the excitement? And this is before popcorn and pop has set in!

Loved that our 10 year old granddaughter still is excited about Disney movies. I hope she's like that for a long time to come. What am I saying? I still get excited about most Disney movies!

My Mom and the princesses. Even my Mom loved the movie and the 3D and the giggly princesses.

Ok, so they don't look so excited. But they were! Giggled and ate popcorn and covered their ears at the scary parts and crawled on laps.

Glasses on...let's see the show! And the short feature before of Tangled Everafter was a Hoot!

They loved it and I loved being able to share it with them!

One last quick one. The blocks are played with everyday and the creativity with a simple set of blocks amazes me. Future engineer perhaps?

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