Thursday, January 12, 2012

I feel very honored....

that Rae Lynne, of Drip Drip Drop, would select me to honor with this award! Thank you so much. Check out Rae Lynne's blog for inspiring knitting and sewing and two very adorable children. I've been on the receiving end of a swap package from Rae Lynne and I use, almost daily, the needle case and notions case she made for me. My granddaughter uses the blanket she sent me to nap with. Rae Lynne is a wonderful mom as well as an inspirational part of the itty bitty group on ravelry.

The purpose of this award is to share 5 enjoyable blogs with under 200 followers with the blogging world.

So here are my nominations: (I would definitely have picked Rae Lynne's as one, as well as several that she already listed.)

Mari has a passion. A passion for her family, for orphans, for missions, for her home. She shares that passion willingly and in a way that any great author captivates. She is inspiring.

What can I say? She's my daughter. I love her family content, I love her knitting and what ever else she accomplishes. I encourage her to keep her blog and I love reading anytime she posts which is not enough but given her life with 3 children and a full time job and her church work, I'll take it when it comes. And there is a new little one one the way in their family which is definitely blog notable!

I've been reading Elizabeth's blog I think since I found the blog world. Her blog is always upbeat, full of love for God first and her family second. But her joy comes from both and it radiates from her blog. She does some wonderful reading critiques, recipe sharing, as well as creating cards and knitting and sewing. Her blog:

Do you sense a theme with the first three?

Blue Garter is a local lady. While we probably wouldn't be found in the same social circles, or even knitting circles, her knitting is inspiring. Especially now that she has a little one to knit for. She also has a flair for writing and photography. A teacher before she became a Mom so that explains alot. Her blog:

Along the lines of the yarn harlot, Toni makes knitting and sewing fun and funny. Her goals are amazing (no knitting for fun here) and she attains them! Seriously, she loves to knit and sew but her witty sarcasasm at a broken machine, hurt back, yarn stash that attacks, and sewing projects with trouble written all over them gives me pause at times.

If you read blogs and haven't met these, give them a read. I think you'll be hooked or needled (pun intended). And definitely check out Rae Lynne's blog:

You will be inspired by her knitting and her family. (there is that theme again)

In keeping with the family theme, let me give you a glimpse of the end of my day today:
My husband just worked a 10 hour day at a job he mostly dislikes. It's the end of his work week. He doesn't like to read. And yet, here he is. I've already read them 7 stories and yet they clamor for more and he obliges. Any wonder why I love this guy? And why they are excited when he gets home?

Thank you again Rae Lynne! I'm sure we'll be "talking" soon in the chatty itty bitty group.

Now I'm off to knit something since the scrapbooking isn't staring at me and making me feel guilty. I'd like to cast on something for a baby but I'll resist and work on some WIPs. Maybe I'll have some wonderful knitting to show like those that inspire me.

Please excuse the spacing. I have edited this post numerous times to remove the extra spacing to no avail.

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