Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We're knitting in 2012.

Before I show you my first completed knit for 2012...let me entice you with a cutie. This week there was a break in the rain and we had a little one. Hmmm, nice weather, albeit cold, cute little one, what to do? Head to the playground to expound on the newly acquired "whhhheeeee" skills. Translated: sliding skills.

Cute no?

And here it is: first knit of 2012. A test knit for an Australian designer. It's a bit long, a bit big, but I still like it. And more importantly, so did she. It's in the closet for next fall however. Definitely would/will make another. Quick knit, cute for fall and winter. Made a few modifications that are outlined on my ravelry page.

She got a bit giggly. She was wearing her aunt's turtle neck to offset the vest, which is also a bit big. But a fun photo shoot anyway.

The Itty Bitty group is at it again. Another swap being sent out as I type this. I was one of the first to receive my "Frogs and Fairies" package. My swap partner was headed for surgery right as these were supposed to be sent out and she still managed to put together a wonderful package for me as well as prep for surgery and get her family ready for her to be out of commission for a few weeks. I was throughly spoiled! Loved the books, the Smarties (a Canadian treat I shared willingly with the grandmunchkins), the bookmark, a Laura Storey CD with the song "Blessings" on it. (a powerful song that makes me cry everytime), a project bag with yarn to make the frog from the Spud and Chloe blog, and a craft kit and...did I forget something?

Oh yes....The Fairy!!! She is adorable!

And another Itty Bitty member has been sending out Valentine RAK's (random acts of kindness) by the score. I was the lucky receipient of such a kind act. An adorable turtle valentine and a cute little bunny named Zara. Julie knits these cute little bunnies and sends them out. So cute and such a fun reminder of a friend I've never met in person.

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