Monday, January 9, 2012


Out of pages, out of page protectors, out of some categories of stickers and papers, and, most importantly, out of pictures! Caught up again! Two weeks of the dining room looking like this:

Yielded this:

See how clean that table is? No scrapbooking to do, no sewing projects in the works. Take a good look. It won't last. But for now I'm enjoying the look.

And yielded this:

This is only a part of the scrapbooks I've completed. There are 4 other shelves like this.

I read an article on ways to gain more knitting time. One suggestion was rid yourself of other hobbies. I must admit this is one hobby I would let go of. But this is probably the most important hobby I have to my grandmunchkins. So it stays. If I could keep caught up it wouldn't be such a burden. But I don't enjoy it as much so it tends to get pushed back until I'm six months behind and then it's either get caught up or quit. Sigh....

For now, I'm off to enjoy my knitting because I'm OUT of pictures!

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  1. You've got more persistence than me! I tried scrapbooking but just couldn't keep up!

    Also, I want to let you know that I nominated you for a blog award on my blog. :) Come look and see!

    ~Rae Lynne