Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Prepare to be bored....

with the knitting that shall be on the blog this year. You see the itty bitty group hosts a charity each month. Those that wish knit for the charity, send their items to the hostess and she, in turn, gets it to her charity of choice. Last month's charity was hostessed by Mary Rose for ASK, a organization for kids with cancer. They need hats. In the past Miss S has done most of my charity work and she will probably continue to do so but I hope to do a bit more myself this year. I taught her to knit hats, in the round, this month. Can you tell which is hers? Kind of hard isn't it? I am so proud of her. The yarn is bleh as far as color goes but so soft! I will use it again. A Rowan yarn. Just so you don't get quite so bored seeing hats or scarves all the time, here's a little fun family time. Two fun days were celebrated this past week: Groundhog's Day and my husband's birthday.

So, you think there was some enthusiasm for Groundhog's Day? They made their own groundhogs under ground with cupcakes, snickers bars, assorted candy, and whipped cream. I found the idea on pininterest (the new addiction!!) and just so you know, ours looked Nothing like the picture. But they were tasty so I guess that's what counts.

Another Groundhog idea from pininterest. Yes, addicited to this website!

And for my sweet husband's birthday we all went bowling and then dinner back at the house. Dinner was: Chicken Divan (his request), salads-tossed and fruit, and for dessert? Homemade Snickers bars. Any guesses where I got the recipe?

Bowling was definitely a winning choice of fun things to do for all ages. I was only able to get a few shots before it was lights out and glow in the dark bowling. I was surprised how crowded the bowling alley was considering how beautiful it was outside.

Someone Insisted on a pink bowling ball. As I mentioned, the alley was a bit crowded so it was no easy task to find the requested ball. But Nonny to the rescue...I found one light enough!

Happy Birthday! I could do a whole post and then some about how rich we are because of this guy. Rich spiritually, mentally, emotionally. He works hard and comes home to entertain grandmunchkins with stories, games, outdoor play. He gives his paycheck to provide for their care and food and never complains if I spend money for clothes or educational things for them. We are blessed.

Someone guarded the fruit salad!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful evening. You know he loves you & those munchkins to pieces! That fruit salad sure looks great...was there leftovers?